'The View' Whoopi Goldberg Gives Viewers 'Booty' Shot Live

‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg Gives Viewers ‘Booty’ Shot Live


The View host Whoopi Goldberg gave viewers a “booty” shot on live television. They got more than they bargained for when they tuned in for a family-friendly game of The $100,000 Pyramid. The Oscar winner is normally dressed up in oversized clothing.

It’s rare for fans to get a glimpse of Whoopi’s body. However, she popped out her booty when Michael Strahan was a guest on last week’s episode. She gave the live studio audience and the viewers at home a good look at her behind. Read on to learn more.

Michael Strahan & Whoopi Goldberg [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

The View hosts are in shock over this “rear” look

The View host showed off her figure during last week’s live show. She showed off her “rear view” to the audience. Good Morning America host Michael Strahan had the hosts play a special edition of The $100,000 Pyramid, which he currently hosts weeknights on ABC.

Sara Haines and Joy Behar played against Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin. Whoopi Goldberg helped Michael with the hosting. She stood to the side of him in a black embellished jumpsuit with a white long-sleeved shirt. The Color Purple star handed out the cards for each category.

The View hosts were in shock when they got a full view of Whoopi Goldberg. Her “rear view” was caught on camera. As Michael read the one of the categories, Whoopi moved her hands to her behind to cover it up.

“You don’t have to cover up your rearview, Whoopi. It’s all good,” Michael said with a smile on his face.

Whoopi Goldberg's Booty Shot [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Ironically, Sunny and Alyssa ended up picking the category, “Rear View.” When Whoopi handed them the card, she turned around and flaunted her booty towards the camera. She shocked her fellow hosts. Whoopi bent over, so everyone could get a look at home.

Joy came out from behind her podium to get a closer look at Whoopi’s behind. Then she bowed when she handed Alyssa the card. Joy leaned over the podium before she jokingly whispered, “Whoopi giving us a rear view.”

Whoopi Goldberg suffered a wardrobe malfunction

Wardrobe malfunctions are common on live television. Last month, she suffered one when her blouse was too tight. The Hollywood star remained professional and opened the show even though she was uncomfortable. The fans in the audience were cheering for her.

Whoopi Goldberg simply mouthed “thank you” to the crowd. She admitted that she was sucking in her stomach, so she doesn’t “pop my buttons.” Whoopi’s shirt continued to bother her throughout the broadcast. During a segment, she stressed the importance of voting.

Whoopi Goldberg's Live Booty Shot [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
“Remember when America made some sort of sense?” Whoopi Goldberg joked. “We can get back to making a little bit more sense. This country is a little bit off, it feels like. But maybe it’s me and this tight-a** shirt.”

What are your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg showing her booty on live television? Did it shock you? Sound off below in the comment section.

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