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Hilary Duff’s Man Comes For Candace Cameron Bure Over Song?


On the heels of JoJo Siwa calling Candace Cameron Bure the “rudest celebrity” she’s ever met, Hilary Duff’s husband, Matthew Koma, took to TikTok to note the Full House star was also ignorant. What did Hilary Duff’s husband say or do exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Candace Cameron Bure gets super patriotic

It was a month ago that the Full House star took to TikTok to be super patriotic in honor of Independence Day. Her outfit was completely decked out in a way that honored the American flag. Flaunting her patriotic outfit for her TikTok followers, Candace chuckled before saying, “I mean, c’mon, did you expect anything less from me? Happy Fourth of July!”


Tell me you’re DJ Tanner without saying you’re DJ Tanner. Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸!!! #independenceday ❤️🤍💙

♬ Born In The USA – Instrumental – The Hit Crew

While he was a little late to the party, Hilary Duff’s husband Mathew Koma has made it clear he was not a fan of Candace Cameron Bure’s TikTok.

Hilary Duff’s husband Mathew Koma comes for Candace

The Full House star believed she had selected an ideal song by pairing her TikTok with Bruce Springsteen’s 1986 hit “Born in the U.S.A.” Hilary Duff’s husband, however, wanted to call attention to the real dark meaning behind the song. More importantly, he wanted to call attention to Candace’s ignorance in selecting it.

“Yeah, that song you’re playing. It’s about veterans coming home from Vietnam and being treated like sh*t. It’s not about the Fourth of July.” Hilary Duff’s husband explained in a stitched video.

hilary duff and matthew koma
Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma

Candace Cameron Bure fans come for Hilary Duff’s husband

The Full House star has a massive following and they aren’t happy with Hilary Duff’s husband coming for Candace on TikTok. Some of Candace Cameron Bure’s followers have spent the past 24 hours taking to Hilary Duff’s recent Instagram posts to share their thoughts on her husband. One individual noted they actually had to look up Matthew Koma because they had absolutely no idea who he was. The same individual pointed out that everyone knows and loves Candace Cameron Bure. The individual concluded their rant by telling Hilary she should school her husband on why men shouldn’t get into a feud with women.

“Tell your man ‘real men don’t bicker with women’ especially since he hates America. I had to look him up, no clue, who he is. Everyone knows who @candacecbure is.” The frustrated individual penned.


#duet with @candacecameronb the more you know #fyp #fypシ #bornintheusa

♬ Born In The USA – Instrumental – The Hit Crew

The Internet believes she responded to Hilary Duff’s husband

Now, the portion of the Internet that has been keeping up with this story does believe Candace Cameron Bure did respond to Matthew by posting yet another Bible verse on her Instagram Stories.

Do you think how late Hilary Duff’s husband took issue with this post was a bit bizarre? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest.

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