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’Uncle From Another World‘ Adds Exciting New Character

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Magic, otherworldly characters, and a hilarious uncle, what’s not to love about Uncle From Another World? The anime manga series premiered on Netflix on July 6, 2022. Directed by Shigeki Kawai and produced by Atelier Pontdarc, the anime series will have a total of 13 episodes. To date, four episodes are already available for fans to stream.

Although Episode 5 was slated to release on August 4, it will now premiere on August 17 instead, citing an increase in COVID-19 infections. In the four episodes that are available on the streaming platform, the series brought in another mainstay character. But this one isn’t necessarily fond of the titular uncle.

Uncle From Another World Is A Fresh Take On Modern Manga Anime

Uncle From Another World is a fresh take on the tried & tested anime formula. Rather than focusing on unparalleled power shows and action-packed adventures, this anime highlights how a hero from another world reintegrates himself into modern society. Episode 1 highlighted uncle Yosuke’s shock as his nephew updated him on the current events while the duo established and strengthened their relationship. As per CBR.com, it was in Episode 2 that fans got to see the introduction of a fascinating new character.

Uncle From Another World YouTube

After Yosuke woke up from being 17 years in a coma, he was welcomed by Takafumi, his nephew. However, in the beginning, he started talking to Takafumi in an unknown language causing his nephew to believe that his uncle was still dealing with mental damage. Yosuke caught the tension in the room and swiftly won his nephew’s trust by showing off the supernatural abilities he acquired from the other world. The duo together utilized the uncle’s supernatural abilities to create several YouTube videos.

Netflix Anime’s Episode 2 Introduces A New Character

As Yosuke familiarized himself with the ways of the modern world, the creators found an opportunity to introduce the anime’s third mainstay character. This new character was actually a childhood friend of Takafumi named Fujimiya. The two hadn’t met for a long time, and it was obvious by her reaction that she had a crush on Takafumi.

Uncle From Another World YouTube

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When the nephew invited Fujimiya to his place, the latter wished to go home & freshen up. Sure enough, she dolled up for Takafumi and went to his apartment. However, as Takafumi wasn’t at home at the time, taking care of an errand, he instructed her to go inside the house and make herself at home.

As she tried to enter the house, she took a peep through the window & discovered Yosuke entering the room. The two mutually thought of each other as burglars. As Yosuke prepared to injure the suspected thief, Takafumi made it back in time and took care of the conflict.

Why Does Fujimiya Dislike Yosuke?

As Takafumi introduced the two, Fujimiya wasn’t made aware of the uncle’s supernatural powers. Sure enough, she suspected that Yosuke was simply leeching off his already struggling nephew. So, she took it upon herself to protect her crush from the old man.

Uncle From Another World YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

With misunderstanding sprinkled into the storyline, fans will have to see how things turn out for the trio. Will the mix-up resolve with time? Or will it get complicated as the anime series progresses? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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