Frank Fritz’s Dad Gives Update On ‘American Pickers’ Star

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe on American Pickers

Frank Fritz suffered a stroke last month and the only word up until now was his former friend and American Pickers star Mike Wolfe’s social media posts.

However, that has changed as someone closer to the situation has finally given an update on Frank’s condition. His dad, Bill Fritz, let fans know a little more about his son’s medical condition.

Update on Frank Fritz following his stroke

Frank Fritz suffered a stroke on July 14. A friend found him on the floor in his home, unable to move and not able to communicate with him. After calling 911, emergency officials rushed him to the hospital, where he remains to this day. Frank’s childhood friend Mike Wolfe told the world about the stroke and asked for prayers.

Frank Fritz on American Pickers

However, Frank and Mike had not spoken in two years. Frank even said that Mike never checked on him after his back surgery. Frank said he wanted to return to the show and contacted them, but they never responded and Mike instead promoted his own brother into Frank’s old spot. That made many fans think Mike wasn’t the right person to give updates on Frank.

It also makes it good to hear from a relative, although they don’t live in the same state. According to The Sun, Frank’s dad said his son was still in the hospital in “stable” condition. Bill Fritz lives in Texas while Frank still lives in Iowa.

Frank was about to return for American Pickers spinoff

While most of the talk amongst fans was that Mike shut Frank out of American Pickers after 11  years on the show, there was recent news that he was about to return for a different show. It turns out that Frank was in talks for a spinoff show without Mike.

Frank Fritz working on American Pickers

Frank left American Pickers in 2020 when he took time to recover from back surgery. There were also rumors of alcohol addiction issues for the star, but there was no actual explanation for his removal from the show. Frank wanted to come back, and it sounds like he found an alternative before his stroke.

Frank was in talks with a producer who lived in Las Vegas about a spinoff show for him to star in after Frank sold him several items for his ranch. For the 11 years on American Pickers, Frank always played second fiddle to Mike, and this would give him a chance to be the leading man. “I’d still like to get back to my job, I miss my friends and my people and being on the road and meeting all those different characters,” Frank said.

Frank’s Illinois antique store, Frank Fritz Finds, remains open despite his hospitalization. With Frank in stable condition, fans hope that he fully pulls through and can finally see some of these dreams come true.

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