‘Unexpected’ Hailey 1 & Darren Get Messy, Kinsley Dragged In


Unexpected alum Hailey (1) Tomlinson just ended her relationship with Darren Amos. It seemed that it had a lot to do with her though infidelity was not a factor. As the days went on, more details emerged. Soon, it was clear that it was far deeper than anyone had expected. Now, the exes are getting messy and, sadly, it is impacting Hailey 1’s toddler daughter, Kinsley. Read on for more details and fan reactions.

Unexpected Love Lost

Hailey 1 first experienced heartbreak when she was a pregnant teen and her baby daddy, Matt Blevins was being shady. He had started texting her best friend, Hailey (2) Tilford, and becoming quite flirty. Hailey 2 would engage in this flirtation in front of Hailey 1 and then show her what was going on. Eventually, Hailey 1 and Matt broke up and she became a single mother to their daughter Kinsley. In a twist, he and Hailey 2 revealed that they were also expecting their first child.


Ultimately, the two Haileys were able to reconnect after Matt was not the most stand-up father. Hailey 1 moved on with a man named Darren Amos and he was super supportive. He took in Kinsley as if she were his own and they built their own little family. Then, Darren took to Facebook to share that he and Hailey 1 had broken up. “Unfortunately to clear the air yes we are no longer together because of unspeakable actions that are not on my side of the relationship and it was that thing so i will still be there for Kinsley, me and her still talk, and I am still kisnleys dad.”

Hailey Tomlinson Instagram

No one was certain what this meant until Hailey 1 responded. At first, she made it clear that she had not been unfaithful. Then, she had a follow-up. Matt had been asking to see Kinsley again and she was not going to say no. However, she wanted it to be known that Darren will always be in her daughter’s life. That will never change. Yet somehow, that has quickly shifted.

Darren And Kinsley Erased?

In a twist, Darren revealed that the Unexpected alum had Matt contact him. He requested that Darren remove her name from his bio. This was apparently due to the fact that Kinsley is not biologically his. He not only removed her name from his bio but all of her photos. The drama has been documented on the Instagram page @tlc.unexpectedteaa. Followers have had some intense reactions to this situation and have had no problems expressing them:

Darren Amos
  • “he’s clearly just really hurting rn. he loved his family and his life just did a complete 180. hopefully he finds peace with it and moves on.”
  • “This drama is just a reminder that some kids shouldn’t be raising kids….what an immature thing to do on haileys part”
  • “I really feel bad for him…and we all know Matthew gonna be around for like 2 months and disappear like he did before”
  • “This is sad. How could Hailey let a deadbeat like Matthew tell her what to do. Darren been there when Matthew ran away from his responsibility and now Hailey acting all weird towards Darren, I hope she realizes Matthew is just a DAD when its convient for him. But for Kinsley’s sake, i hope he really in it 100%.”

What are your thoughts on Hailey 1 just removing Kinsley completely from Darren’s life for Matt? Is there most likely more to this story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. This is truly “unexpected.”

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