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Will ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Watch Series Without Christine?

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Christine Brown seems much happier now that she’s no longer married to Kody Brown. Now that TLC put out an official premiere date for Season 17, Sister Wives fans can’t wait to see how the fallout between Kody and Christine officially unfolds.

It’s been confirmed that Christine will be part of Season 17, but fans can’t be sure how big of a role she will play. And it could be possible that she’s just appearing to tie up loose ends with her ex.

Now, Sister Wives fans are debating online whether or not Christine Brown will still be an important part of the show. If she plans to step away, will fans even continue to watch without her?

Sister Wives fans are excited to see Christine onscreen again

Christine Brown is a fan favorite for many Sister Wives viewers. They really appreciate her jovial nature and how she stands up for herself. But what would a series even look like without her?

“Would you have watched the new season if Christine wasn’t in it?” one Redditor asked online. “Idk if this has been discussed here already but I definitely think TLC made the right choice with asking/having Christine in this new season. She’s definitely my favorite of the all the women and honestly she’s like the star of the show right now. What story line would they have without her? Talking about coyote pass? Kody have a pissing contest with his sons? Robyn maybe having another content baby? I don’t think I would have watched passed episode 1 or 2 if Christine wasn’t in this season.”

Sister Wives from TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

Although a lot of fans admitted they would miss Christine if she opted not to film this year, they would still watch the show.

“Truthfully, yes,” another Redditor replied. “I know that I’ll watch this hot mess as long as it’s on the air. At this point, I’m invested. Lol.”

Another user added that whether Christine appeared in Season 17 or not, the rest of the family would still have to deal with the aftermath of her leaving. That alone would make great content worth watching.

How do you feel about the upcoming season? Be sure to leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

The Browns look forward to adding a new member to the family

Amid all the onscreen drama, Christine and the rest of the family have a reason to celebrate and look forward to the future. Maddie Brush is expecting another child! The TLC star recently made the formal announcement on Instagram, much to her family’s excitement.

Maddie Brown Brush/YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

No matter what Season 17 holds, Sister Wives fans will keep checking back to see what the family does next.

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  1. Kody would starve if he had to have a regular job.He wanted to be with Robyn from day one. He bullied Meri to give him a divorce so he could marry her with the excuse to adopt her kids

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