Mike Wolfe's Girlfriend Straddles Motorcycle, Teases New Project [Leticia Cline | Instagram]

Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend Straddles Motorcycle, Teases New Project

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Mike Wolfe is currently on the long-running reality series American Pickers. Now, his girlfriend is hoping to cash in with her own show. Leticia Cline straddled a motorcycle in an Instagram Reel as she teased her new project. The Maxim model has a lot going on lately.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Leticia announced her political aspirations. She also has her own successful antiquing business. The 43-year-old has proven that she doesn’t need her famous boyfriend. Read on to learn more about the upcoming project that she is “really excited about.”

Mike Wolfe With Leticia Cline [2LaneLife | YouTube]
[2LaneLife | YouTube]

Leticia Cline announces reality series

On Wednesday, July 13, Leticia Cline shared a 2:50-minute video on Instagram, which you can view here. It starts by showing snapshots of her childhood upbringing in Kentucky. Leticia reads about her family’s life. She then stops and wonders why she’s reading from it since she wrote it by herself.

Taylor Swift’s “Are You Ready For It?” blasts in the background. Mike Wolfe’s younger girlfriend dresses up in head-to-toe leather. She straddles a motorcycle as she teases her new project with her followers. Leticia is ready to make her start as a reality TV star.

Leather-Clad Leticia Cline Teases New Show [Leticia Cline | Instagram]
[Leticia Cline | Instagram]
The video then shows her zipping around the backroads. In another scene, she talks about Cave City, which is where she and her family came from. Their livelihood depended on the tourists that visited their town. Leticia is inspired to uncover the stories of other “small towns and communities.”

There’s also a scene of her talking to Mike Wolfe. Leticia admits that she started riding a motorcycle when she was just four years old. Her job has transitioned from modeling to traveling and sharing stories of other communities. Leticia uses her motorcycle to explore other small towns and undiscovered areas.

She is not a fan of travel apps. The blonde beauty would rather travel the old-fashioned way. In the video, she bluntly says, “F*** a travel app.” She announced the new series called The Forever Tourist.

Leticia Cline Announces Reality Series [Rebel for a Change | YouTube]
[Rebel for a Change | YouTube]

Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend explains her story

This is a great way for fans to get to know Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend. Leticia shares more about herself even though she’s normally private on Instagram. American Pickers fans will notice why she’s the perfect woman for him.

“A few years back, a production company thought enough of my story to come and film me riding around my hometown and a few others close by that I love spending time in,” Leticia wrote in her Instagram post. “These are places where big things once happened. These towns were the heart of America. And their roads were the arteries that brought life into this land.”

The former Playboy model added that “this is my favorite project” with her “babe, Mike.” American Pickers fans will also be happy to hear that he’ll be part of this project as well. He took to the comment section to write: “One of my favorite things we have worked on together. Forever proud ❤️🙏♥️

Heart Bridge Media is the production company behind the new series. It’s unclear whether the new show will air on the History Channel and when it will premiere. This comes after Leticia announced she was running for Mayor of Cave City. She shared a photo of herself outside the Warren County Courthouse.

What are your thoughts on Leticia’s new project? Do you think she has what it takes to be on reality TV? Do you think she’s inspired by Mike Wolfe? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Mike Wolfe.

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