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Fans Worried About Jenelle Evans’ Daughter’s Future ‘Attitude’

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Fans have long said that Jenelle Evans’ youngest child, Ensley is her mini-me. The two look so much alike and have a very close connection. Yet, it seems that Jenelle has no problem pushing the limits with all three of her kids. Now, she is being called out for two situations involving a family adventure. Is it her parenting or is it just Ensley being a kid?

Jenelle Evans’ Questionable Parenting

Viewers have struggled with Jenelle since she first appeared on 16 & Pregnant. She was defiant while a pregnant teen living with her mother Barabra. It caused her to lose custody of her firstborn, Jace, now 13. She dated some questionable characters until she met Nathan Griffith and they had their son, Kaiser. Unfortunately, the relationship turned combative and they split. She then found love with David Eason and they had their daughter Ensley. After they tied the knot, she was on again/off again with her mother. They tried to have a functioning relationship but Jenelle could be difficult.

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Then, David shot and killed the family dog and which caused Jenelle to leave him and claim the marriage was over. She did come home but MTV cut ties with the couple. Fans continued to question her and her parenting not just because she would allow him around the kids but for other reasons. She chose to frequently go on vacations without her kids, created an OnlyFans, and some recent events. For Jace’s 13th birthday, she bought him a dirtbike. Fans also questioned a less than healthy lunch she packed for the kids plus a dangerous mountain pic she took. Now, they are worried for Ensley.

Attitude Over Everything

According to The Sun, Jenelle Evans and her family headed to an amusement park. They were all prepped to ride a rollercoaster but Ensley appeared to be having second thoughts. In a YouTube video, which Jenelle shared on her channel, Ensley looked visibly scared, clutching David’s hand as they waited their turn. Her mom asked the five-year-old if she was scared to which she did not reply but rather pushed the camera out of her face. Granted, these kids are filmed a lot, something Jenelle said she would no longer do after a fourth of July trip was sabotaged by a crazed fan.

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Firstly, fans seemed worried that they were taking Ensley on a ride that maybe she was not ready for. Then, they noticed her attitude and called that out.

  • “Wow! You’re gonna have some fun with Ensley when she’s a teenager. She has an attitude like that at age five! Good luck!”
  •  “Ensley is Jenelle’s twin with that attitude.”
  • “Am I tripping, or did Ensley choose violence!”

At this point, it is safe to say that this is a little girl who is being dragged around on these trips with her family. Though fun, they may be too much for her at times and maybe she just wants to relax.

Do you think she was scared and just wanted the camera out of her face? Should Jenelle Evans have been more sensitive to that? Let us know in the comments.

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