Adam Busby Gets Challenged By Fan, See His Response

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One OutDaughtered fan was quick to call out Adam Busby for shoving so many advertisements down fans’ throats as of late. As TvShowsAce previously reported, fans did take notice of the excessive amount of sponsored and paid partnerships both Adam and Danielle have shared on Instagram as of late. In fact, some fans wondered if setting up a physical storefront proved to be more expensive than the Busbys thought and the promotions were a way to make some easy cash.

On this particular photo, however, it looks like the OutDaughtered fan may have jumped the gun on the criticism. What was the photo this fan took issue with? What did Adam have to say about it? Keep reading for all the details.

Ava - Adam Busby Instagram
Ava – Adam Busby Instagram

Adam Busby enjoys lovely day with his girls

The Busby family has been busy preparing to return to school. With six girls, there is a lot of preparation involved in the process. So, they start working on it early to get everything done. A few days ago, Adam enjoyed a lovely day with his girls. He and his wife Danielle took turns with some of the girls as they got a little back-to-school shopping down. Danielle explained that Adam was the shoe whisperer. So, getting new shoes for the girls was his thing.

In his post, he explained he took Blayke Busby shopping by herself. Then, he took Ava and Parker shoe shopping while Danielle hit the stores to do some clothing shopping with Blayke.

Parker - Adam Busby Instagram
Parker – Adam Busby Instagram

While most fans loved seeing all these photos and learning of Adam spending some time with just a few of the girls, there was one fan that took issue with the photos in a big way.

One OutDaughtered fan takes issue with all the advertisements

One fan took to the comments to question how many advertisements needed to be in a single Instagram post. A few fans liked the question suggesting the individual was not alone in feeling this way. Adam Busby responded to the criticism by asking “where” the advertisements were exactly before rolling his eyes.

Another fame chimed in noting they assumed the OP was referring to all the store names behind the girls in the photo. The individual, however, proceeded to clarify they were clearly inside of a mall and he was just taking photos. He had no control over what was in the background of the photos at the mall.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

Adam Busby fired back once he was armed with more info noting they were in a mall. The mall had signs and advertisements everywhere. This did not mean he was trying to push advertisements on fans.

Do you think this fan jumped the gun with their comment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on the Busby family.

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