‘X-Men 97’: What We Know About The Classic Cartoon’s Revival

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Nick Davis

Marvel is finally bringing back a ’90s cartoon that every superhero fan remembers and mildly salivates over. The original X-Men cartoon series, now with the revival title X-Men ’97. It’s going to be a continuation of the original series, picking up some time after the original left off. This will be one of the first Marvel titles coming to Disney+ that doesn’t tie into the greater MCUX-Men fans everywhere are ecstatic about this news and patiently awaiting the return of their favorite childhood cartoon. So here’s everything we know so far about X-Men ’97.

The Return Of X-Men ’97

During Marvel’s time at San Diego Comic-Con, we were given some information about the show. Most notably, confirmations and some early artwork for many of the returning characters. We know that Professor X will still be absent as of the beginning of the show (watch the original series finale for context) with his old friend and arch-rival Magneto leading the mutants in his place. None of the artwork of the returning characters is officially out, but it can be easily found by anyone who wants to see it.

magneto x-men 97 comic-con
Marvel has yet to publicly share any art from ‘X-Men ’97’, but some fans have been leaking photos shown off at San Diego Comic-Con

Along with Magneto, we also got confirmation of the return of a number of other characters. The entire classic team like Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Jubilee, and Gambit of course. Alongside other classic characters like Callisto, Mr. Sinister, Cable, and more. The original X-Men series did faithful adaptations of a number of Chris Claremont’s classic comic stories. This new series promises to continue to faithfully adapt storylines from even later in the canon. We may see stories all the way up to Grant Morrison’s classic New X-Men run.

We know that nearly all of the original voice cast is returning. Plus, a number of mutants who have yet to appear in the classic cartoon will be making their introduction in this revival.

Marvel’s Upcoming X-Men Projects

X-Men ’97 isn’t the only mutant project that Marvel has on the way at the moment. They’ve been slowly building hype with this announcement, alongside the appearance of Charles Xavier in the recent Doctor Strange film. Furthermore, with the reveal that the MCU’s version of Kamala Khan is (SPOILERS) a mutant, the door is officially open for the X-Men to come pouring in. Sadly, there were no projects for the team among the Phase 5 announcements given at Comic-Con. But Marvel assures us that it is on the way and that we won’t have to wait too much longer for our first real taste of the MCU’s X-team.

X-Men ’97 is set to release sometime in the fall of 2023. A trailer along with a more definite release date should arrive sometime in the spring/summer of next year.

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