‘Today’ Feuding Cohosts — Will One Have To Say Goodbye?

Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb from The Tonight Show

Fans of the Today show used to love the segment featuring Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. After Gifford left in 2019, her spot was filled by Jenna Bush Hager and the timeslot still seems to be doing quite well.

To the public, Hoda Kotb appears to be warm, bubbly, and engaging. But she doesn’t appear to get along with everyone on the Today show set. Fans noticed that her segments with fellow Today anchor Savannah Gutherie are extremely tense and uncomfortable.

What will happen if the women can’t resolve their differences behind the scenes?

Today backstage drama — what’s going on and who’s to blame?

Right now, no one is exactly sure what caused the beef between Savannah and Hoda. But Today viewers agree that the onscreen tension is getting to be a bit uncomfortable. In a recent episode, the cohosts were working on a segment with chef Elizabeth Heiskell when the women seemed to snipe at each other before Savannah said to just keep the segment moving along.

Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb from The Tonight Show
The Tonight Show/NBC

According to some sources, Jenna Hager actually plays an active role in the drama.

“Jenna claims to be Savannah’s best friend, but then whenever Savannah’s not there she’ll turn around and buddy up to Hoda and the two of them will take shots at Savannah,” an inside source allegedly revealed to Suggest. But that’s not at all where the drama ends.

The source went on to say that when Jenna and Savannah get together, the women complain about Hoda too.

“[Jenna’s] totally two-faced. It’s so catty,” they reportedly continued. “It was total mean girl behavior and typical of how Jenna operates. Jenna seems to get a thrill out of stirring the pot between these two.”

The cohosts don’t seem interested in sharing a newsdesk

Whether the rumors about Jenna’s involvement are true or not, Today fans think something needs to be done about the onscreen tension. The Sun reports that many viewers think the women are behaving incredibly unprofessionally and that one of them may have to go.

“Savannah is the boss. After Matt Lauer was ousted, Savannah grabbed power, and she really wanted Willy Geist in Hoda’s role, but his ratings were just not up to par for the network,” an insider allegedly told The Sun, adding that Savannah and Hoda can’t stand one another.

Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb from The Tonight Show
The Tonight Show/NBC

Furthermore, the women even opted to take staggered vacations so that they didn’t have to share the news desk with the other woman. It really does seem like they will go to great lengths to avoid each other.

But if Today does have to choose between the women, who will they possibly pick? Both Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb have large, dedicated fanbases. NBC risks losing many viewers if they actually fire one.

For now, fans will have to see what happens next. Keep following TV Shows Ace for more information on this ongoing feud between coworkers.

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  1. Hoda “loving” everyone is annoying!! And interrupts and stalls everyone. When she’s on a cooking segment, she never lets the chef finish a sentence. And forget catching all the ingredients because she’s too busy interrupting to get all the way through the segment

  2. The today show has always been my go to show. But it’s gotten so sticky sweet and unrealistic with Hoda, Savannah and Jenna. All three of them could go! Craig, Al, Dylan( my personal favorite, she is professional she dresses wonderfully and she seems very genuine on camera) Shennell, add some more Willie Geist and come up with a whole new crew for the fourth hour.

  3. I think Savanna needs to go. I lost all respect for her when I saw the Trump interview. She would ask him a question & interrupt him while he was trying to answer her. Total disrespect..

  4. Personally I really like the current Today show anchors “less Savanna,Honda and Al. This current anchors get along, are fresh, and involved with the audience. If they interrupt someone they apologize quickly. However the new couch doesn’t seem to be comfortable at all for them. NBC has the money get them something comfortable for heavens sake.

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