Taylor Swift Exposed, Fans Furious

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Kylie Jenner has been under fire for not caring about the carbon emissions her private jet puts out, but it is actually Taylor Swift who should be ashamed. Her jet placed first on the list, emitting more CO2 than 1,000 people. Jenner didn’t even make the top 10 list. Fans of Taylor Swift are absolutely furious.

Kylie Jenner Receives Backlash Online

Kylie Jenner was the first celebrity to start getting backlash about their jet’s CO2 emissions. In early July, Jenner posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend, Travis Scott. The couple posed in front of their personal jets and Kylie captioned the photo, “You wanna take mine or yours?”

Not long after she posted the snap, it went viral on Twitter, and not in a good way. Folks online were slamming Kylie for her use of private jets. They wanted to let her know that this wasn’t the flex she thought it was.

“People blaming the low and middle class for the climate change because of their over use of STRAWS and this moron is taking private jets to beat traffic and doesn’t give af even bragging about it Kylie Jenner is the f***ing WORST,” one person tweeted. “Not her flexing her absolute disregard for the planet,” another Twitter user said.

As the topic became more popular, people started looking into how much Kylie is using her jet and for what purpose. The Twitter account @CelebJets said that Kylie’s jet landed in Camarillo, California. The flight time was only 12 minutes. So, she really was hopping in a jet to beat traffic.

Taylor Swift - YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

Credit: YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

All of that being said, it turns out Kylie Jenner’s jet use isn’t even the worst of them all. In fact, many fans were surprised to find out that Taylor Swift held that title.

There is a long list of celebrities doing much worse than that, two of which are closely related to Kylie. Kim Kardashian placed at number seven on the list and Kylie’s boyfriend, Travis Scott, placed at number 10. However, even their emissions combined didn’t add up to the amount of CO2 emissions from Taylor Swift’s jet.

Taylor Swift Exposed For Her Jet Use

While Kylie didn’t even make the top 10 list, Taylor Swift graced the number one spot. According to Yard, a digital marketing agency focused on sustainability, Kylie’s average flight time is only about 24.5 minutes.

Taylor Swift - Instagram/Taylor Swift

Credit: Instagram/Taylor Swift

Swift’s jet has taken 170 flights in 200 days this year. Her total CO2 flight emissions for the year so far sit at 8,293.54 metric tons. The average person only emits 7 metric tons per year. 

Many people would assume this is because Swift has a home in the UK that she travels to regularly. Actually, Swift’s average flight time is only 80 minutes, which is one-ninth of the flight from Nashville to the UK. Her shortest flight was from Missouri to Nashville, only 36 minutes.

Other celebrities who landed themselves on the top 10 list included Floyd Mayweather, Oprah, Jay-Z, Mark Wahlberg, Steven Spielberg, Blake Shelton, and A-Rod.

Where Is Taylor Going?

Of course, after seeing how many carbon emissions Swift’s jet is contributing, people started to wonder where in the world she was going. Fans took to Reddit to discuss travel between her homes in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Rhode Island, and London. Just in the past few weeks, she has also traveled to the Bahamas and back to the States for Selena Gomez’s birthday.

Taylor Swift - Instagram/Selena Gomez

Credit: Instagram/Selena Gomez

Not to mention, it was also said that Taylor Swift travels to wherever her boyfriend is currently filming for them to spend time together as well. So, there is no wonder why she’s sitting at number one.

When asked for a comment, the spokesperson for Taylor Swift said that the jet was regularly loaned out to other people. “To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect,” they said. Fans on the internet still aren’t so sure. What do you think?

Amanda Blankenship


  1. Flying is one of the necessary evils of being a celebrity. To stay relevant and entertain your fan base you have to go to them. What if Taylor would say “I’m having a concert in X city on X day”, and all her fans flew in or drive in to see it. i.e. like the Super Bowl
    What kind of carbon emissions would you think that would create?
    Not attempting to defend Taylor, just pointing out the obvious to all the brainwashed eco-lefties that don’t have an opinion of their own. That just regurgitate what talking heads put in their minds/mouths.

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