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Did Whitney Way Thore Lie About French Lessons?

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans have grown skeptical of the show and Whitney Way Thore herself. How much is fake and is Whitney on board with it being less than authentic? Now, viewers are wondering if a key element from Season 9 was all made up for entertainment value.

Whitney Way Thore’s New ‘Love’ Language?

No, Whitney has not had the best luck when it comes to love. She started out MBFFL in a serious relationship with artist Lennie Alehat. He ended up appearing to be unfaithful. That romance came to an end by the time Season 3 was over. Her next romance was with Chase and it looked like she was going to have it all. Chase proposed and it was down the aisle Whitney prepared to go. However, the two never actually lived together and he ended up cheating. Plus, he fathered a baby with someone else.

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How can someone trust a man when these are the letdowns that they have faced? Luckily, Whitney met a Frenchman while on a language app and he swept her off of her feet. Of course, it was during the pandemic and she was still dealing with the residual effects of her romance with Chase. By the end of Season 9, she had made plans to go meet with this mystery love. Her brother did have some qualms and questions about him. Everyone did and wondered if he was really who he said he was. Now fans are wondering if it is Whitney who was being truly transparent.

Fake Her French?

For some reason, fans are getting the feeling that Whitney Way Thore may have lied about her french lessons last season. Either that or she really was not that invested in them. They became so passionate about this topic that a Reddit thread started to discuss it. The initial thinking was that Whitney learned some words and only broke them out when needed. In fact, it seemed her mother actually knew more French than she did. Then, the thread continued.

Whitney Way Thore/YouTube

  • “If she didn’t lie, she clearly put just as little effort into the lessons as she did studying for her personal trainer exam…”
  • “I think any question beginning with “Did Whitney lie…,” is most likely a yes!”
  • “I think she saw the dude in Paris while he was working with the tv crew and decided he should be her new love interest. The French tutoring was a ‘plot device.'”
  • “If her mouth is moving she’s either lying or eating lol”
  • “You weren’t impressed by her spot on pronunciation of KWAH-SOHN? (HalfWhit’s shining moment as a french-speaker is her diction regarding a fattening food, how perfectly appropriate).”

So, fans are definitely thinking Whitney Way Thore is pulling the wool over their eyes in more ways than one. Whether that is true or not is yet to be seen. Looks like everyone will see the truth when MBFFL returns on August 9 to TLC.


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