‘American Pickers’ Fans Want Mike Wolfe’s Brother Fired

Mike Wolfe on American Pickers

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe has been at the center of controversy in recent weeks since his childhood friend and former co-host Frank Fritz ended up in the hospital following a stroke.

Mike asked for American Pickers fans to pray for Frank after the stroke, but many blasted him for turning his back on his friend after his health issues and wondered why he is so interested in him now. Not only that, but fans are now calling for the show to fire Mike’s brother, Robbie, who replaced Frank on the show.

Mike replaced Frank with Robbie on American Pickers

Before Frank suffered his stroke, he mentioned he wanted to return to American Pickers, a show he starred on for 11 years of his life. Frank had to leave the show when he had back surgery. However, the star said he wanted to come back after his recovery. However, he never returned. According to Frank, he never heard from Mike one time during his recovery from back surgery.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

Frank said he reached out to the show’s producers, but they also never got back to him and Mike moved on without him. Mike also elevated his brother Robbie into a more prominent role on the show, something fans were not happy about. After a recent tweet about Mike and Robbie on American Pickers, fans are fed up with everything and are speaking out.

American Pickers fans want Robbie fired

Mike Wolfe returned to Iowa, where Frank is hospitalized, and American Pickers fans hoped he was back to visit and maybe reconcile with his “brother.” However, after Robbie posted a photo of him partying with Elvis impersonators in Iowa, fans reacted poorly. It wasn’t better when the new American Pickers promo was announced.

Mike Wolfe posted on Twitter that an all-new episode of American Pickers was coming. He wrote, “Mike negotiates a price with Wes Boddie and Austin Pike for an A.P. Simms Fine Whiskey jug from the 1920s.” Fans quickly responded with calls for the show to fire Robbie and for Frank to come back.

“Bring Frank back when he heals!! The show has not been as good since he left!! Get well soon Frank,” one fan wrote in the Twitter comments.

“Is Robbie in this episode? If so I just can’t watch,” another wrote. “He should not be on camera. Leave him to come and pick up cars. That’s where he belongs! Ratings drop are directly tied to him.”

A third wrote, “No one is really interested in your show anymore. You turned to nepotism and turned you’re back on a childhood friend then tried to show sympathy when he fell ill. Shame on you. And you’re brothers post was in bad taste. Timing.”

Do you think it is time for Robbie to go? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Success has gone to Mike’s Head!. Never,ever turn your back on a Friend!! Frank is SOooo much better than Robbie!

  2. Frank is a drunk. People are quick to forget that he lost his driver’s license a few years back. (Bad for the show) and nobody wants to work with a drunk.

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