‘Unexpected’ McKayla Adkins Charging Fans To Befriend Her?

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Unexpected alum McKayla Adkins has always been transparent about her ups and downs in life. She also tries to share big life events via social media. However, things must really be shifting in her life as she made an interesting business move. The former YouTuber is now attempting to make money in somewhat of a tacky way. Read on to find out what McKayla’s new business venture is.

Unexpected Ups And Downs

Mckayla first showcased her difficult life over the first three seasons of the hit TLC reality series. She was raised by her grandparents, taken in by them when she was just five years old. When she was sixteen, she found out that she and her boyfriend Caelan Morrison were expecting. At the same time, her mother was pregnant, as well. It was a very interesting dynamic though not everyone understood it. As for Caelan and McKayla, they tried to make it work by moving in together and talking about getting married. Unfortunately, after two children together, they parted ways and she did not return after Season 3.


She also was not super active on her YouTube channel anymore and then she started dating a young man named Ethan. After a little over a year together, they got engaged and revealed that they were expecting. Soon, they had a shotgun wedding but not long after, they shared they lost their baby. It did not take long for them to announce that a rainbow baby was on the way and in April of this year, McKayla welcomed her second baby boy. Yet, some interesting and almost heartbreaking incidents were about to ensue.

Strange Turn Of Events

The Unexpected alum made it clear that her son with Ethan would be his only child. At the beginning of the month, McKayla shared that she had her fallopian tubes removed. She wanted to ensure that there was no chance she could get pregnant again. Some felt that this was very dramatic but it was what felt right to her. Soon after, the twenty-two-year-old took to Instagram to reveal her struggles with postpartum depression. Her attempt was to destigmatize it. Then, McKayla did something that took her from an admirable mother to a questionable figure.


A few days ago, @tlc.unexpectedteaa captured McKayla’s Instagram story. There, she proceeded to ask people to CashApp her twenty dollars. If they did that, she would add them on Snapchat. She noted that she would also be doing phone calls on Snap. It’s hard to tell if this is a way to connect with fans or to make fans feel like they are her friends for money. Either way, she will now have to deliver this service to all of the young fans who are sending her this cash which seems off.

What do you think of McKayla asking for money for friends? Let us know in the comments.


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