Sharna Burgess Details Letting Megan Fox Meet Her Baby Boy

Sharna Burgess & Brian Austin Green from GMA

Dancing With The Stars pro Sharna Burgess just wants to be the best mom she possibly can be. Before Sharna and Brian Austin Green were together, he was married to actress Megan Fox. They had three sons together before splitting. Sharna has an amazing relationship with the boys and felt it was only right for Megan to meet her baby too.

See what Sharna had to say about the moment Megan Fox came to meet baby Zane.

Sharna Burgess enjoyed letting Megan Fox visit with the baby

From the get-go, Sharna Burgess has made it abundantly clear that she isn’t interested in comparing herself to Megan Fox. Sharna is confident in her own abilities as a partner and mother and acknowledges that Megan is a great person too. Instead, the Australian dancer just wants to get along with everyone and develop a strong co-parenting relationship with her partner’s ex-wife. Megan even generously sent over a baby gift after Sharna gave birth.

Sharna Burgess from YouTube
Sharna Burgess/YouTube

And it seems that’s exactly what has happened. In an interview with Us Weekly, Sharna revealed that Megan came over to meet baby Zane and got some quality time with him.

“She came in and got some Zane snuggle time,” the 37-year-old dancer told the publication. “Which was wonderful and really great to see.”

Sharna Burgess from Instagram
Sharna Burgess/Instagram

The DWTS pro went on to say that Zane is an incredibly easy-going baby and is always happy to cuddle. And on top of that, his older brothers just adore him.

“They are obsessed with him. [The boys] come in every morning, they sneak in, they tiptoe to see if they can see baby Zane,” Sharna said about the sons Megan Fox shares with Brian Austin Green, Noah, Journey, and Bodhi. She added that the boys are always giving him kisses and telling the baby how much they love him.

Green’s oldest son, Kassius, is from a relationship before his marriage to Megan Fox.

Brian Austin Green from Instagram
Brian Austin Green/Instagram

Managing a blended family isn’t always easy, but it really seems like things are working for this bunch.

The dancer wants to make her comeback this fall

Sharna seems to be adjusting well to motherhood. But she also hasn’t abandoned her dreams of professional dancing. The Australian dancer hopes to get back in the ballroom this fall and compete on Dancing With The Stars. That’s if her doctors will allow her to compete, of course.

“I would love to be a part of it if my doctors and my body allows,” Sharna told Us Weekly in a recent interview. “It’s an exciting thing [that] it’s over on Disney+ now. … But if I’m not there dancing in person with them, I will for sure be supporting from the sidelines or in the audience.”

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