Rachel Hargrove Alleges ‘Below Deck’ Drug Use During Crew Outings

Rachel Hargrove Alleges Below Deck Drug Use During Crew Outings [Bravo | YouTube]

Rachel Hargrove continues to burn bridges with Bravo and the Below Deck franchise. She alleged that the crew used drugs during the outings. As fans already know, the crew outings can get wild. The crew members end up having too much to drink.

However, Rachel claims there’s more than meets the eye. The crew members don’t just drink. They allegedly use drugs as well. This could go against the Maritime Law, the same rule that Captain Sandy Yawn was a stickler about on Below Deck Mediterranean. She infamously fired Hannah Ferrier for having prescription anxiety medication and a CBD pen on board.

Below Deck Med Crew Drinking [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Can the crew members drink during the charter?

One new Below Deck fan wanted to know if the crew members were allowed to drink during the charter. That user took to Reddit to find out the answers. They binge-watched the franchise and they noticed that some of the crew members drank during a charter.

However, it depends on the franchise. As previously mentioned, Below Deck Med is against drinking while working for obvious reasons. But on the spinoff series Below Deck Down Under, the crew members were allowed to have one drink with the charter guests during a special dinner. During Season 3 of Below Deck, Chef Leon Walker accused Kate Chastain of drinking during the charter while the oven caught on fire.

Below Deck Med Crew Parties [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
“I think it depends on the captain and the circumstances,” one fan explained. For example, former Below Deck star Eddie Lucas revealed that Captain Lee Rosbach would allow them to have one beer at the end of their shift in the crew mess. The stews also can have a little nip while making cocktails. However, Captain Sandy doesn’t appreciate it when her crew members drink during the charter.

Below Deck crew members love to drink and party

It’s no secret that the Below Deck crew members love to drink and party. Sometimes those parties can get out of hand. On Friday, July 29, Rachel shared screenshots of her old social media posts. She revealed that Bravo tried to censor her all this time.

She’s not going away quietly. The chef called out the double standard with her posts and the show’s love of drinking and partying. Rachel probably feels this way because of how she was treated during Season 8 of Below Deck. Most fans trolled her for her drunken antics. Yet, she was able to redeem herself in Season 9 where she became the new fan favorite.

“It’s funny how this season the crew gets so wasted and no one says anything about it and the hot tub,” Rachel wrote on Reddit. “Let’s just say the alcohol is always there…”

Rachel Hargrove alleges drug use among crew members

Rachel had even more to say. In her post, she added, “… also there have been rumors of the previous cast doing drugs as well.” The former Below Deck crew member has a lot to say about the show. That’s because she has nothing to lose since she’s a successful chef on her own.

Rachel Hargrove Alleges Drug Use [Rachel Hargrove | Instagram Stories]
[Rachel Hargrove | Instagram Stories]
None of the past or present Below Deck members have supported Rachel after she announced her departure from the network. Yet, they rallied around Eddie when he said he wasn’t returning for Season 10. What are your thoughts on Rachel’s accusations? Do you think there’s truth to them? Sound off below in the comment section.

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