Noah Erb & Abigail Heringer Talk Love And Marriage

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One of the best things to come out of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 was Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer. The couple broke up while still on the beach, but reunited shortly after filming. Since then, they just continue to be adorable.

Noah Erb squared off against Bennett Jordan on Tayshia Adam’s season. Jordan tried to teach him how to be classy, but Noah already had his own version of cool. Abigail Heringer competed for Matt James’s heart during his season. The two met in Paradise and were close from the beginni ng. In a recent TikTok video, the couple answered questions for fans they didn’t even know they wanted to know.

What Did Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer Say About Their Relationship?

Noah Erb and Abigail did a TikTok challenge where they answer questions by pointing to the one it most applies to. When the question asked was “who fell in love first,” Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer pointed at each other.

Abigail is more annoying when she’s hungry and more spoiled, according to both of them. When it said who has the cuter smile, they also pointed to each other.

Abigail Heringer with Noah Erb, TikTok
Abigail Heringer with Noah Erb, TikTok

Abigail pointed to Noah when it said who takes care of the other when they’re drunk. When the question was, “who’s the alpha,” Noah made muscles while Abigail shoved him. Fans loved it and the video has been viewed over fifty-four thousand times.

Abigail Heringer with Noah Erb, TikTok
Abigail Heringer with Noah Erb, TikTok

Fans love everything they share. One fan said, “You two are authentic. Love you two finding each other.” Another said, “Who is happy Abigail found her man? Me!”

In answer to the last question, “Who is more ready to get married and have kids,” Noah grabbed Abigail and hugged her, pulling her offscreen.

Some fans took that to mean they were shy answering that question, others thought it meant he was saying Abigail was more ready. A lot of commenters agreed the two should “just get married already.”

They Kept The Challenges Going

Fans think Noah Erb is the sweetest thing ever. They did another challenge where they named things about each other. She texted Noah and asked things like, “five things you like about me,” and “one thing you would change about me.”

One of the things he liked was, “you can take your cochlear implants off when I want to play Xbox late at night. Clutch.” He also said, “you’re wise beyond your years.”

The thing he’d change about her is,”her perception of herself.’ Fans swooned over how sweet Noah was. One fan called him a “precious Southern treasure. Another said, “my heart crying over the way he loves you.”

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