‘ILAMB’ Fans Pick Matt As Most Desirable For Hilarious Reason

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I Love A Mama’s Boy viewers have had a lot of issues with the “men” on the show. They find them needy and co-dependent. However, one Redditor started a poll. They asked who fans would date if they had to date one mama’s boy from the series. Interestingly enough, Matt McAdams was the top choice but why? Read on to find out the reasoning.

I Love A Mama’s Boy Fans Don’t Care For The Manchildren

Every season, viewers immediately meet the cast of ILAMB. The initial reaction is to tell the females to run. Not just because they are dating mama’s boys but because the men are weak. They give in to everything their mothers say so as not to offend or hurt them but mainly because they like to be cared for. This season saw the return of Matt and Kelly who have grown closer since his fiancee Kimberly told him it was over. They found comfort within each other. However, he now has a new girlfriend and Kelly has no problem scaring her away. Shekeb and Laila are back with his lady Emily but Laila still wants him to find a new woman.

I Love A Mama's Boy/TLC

Ethan and Esther are newcomers but they have an odd touchy-feely situation which makes his fiancee, Leyna uncomfortable. Roberto’s married to Kristy but his mom, Nancy hates her so much that she is ready to destroy the family. She wants her son to get a paternity test on one of his daughters which has Robert and Kristy on the rocks. Finally, Tre and Lorenda do everything together down to having Valentine’s Day dinners together. She does not think his longtime girlfriend, Abbey can ever live up to her, and Tre does not fight against it. So, these guys are clearly desirable.

Who Do Fans Want To Date?

Again, none of the I Love A Mama’s Boy males are drool-worthy but more so cringe-worthy. Yet a Redditor had to start a poll asking: “If you HAD to date one of the mamas boys who would it be?” In a twist, Matt came out on top. How and why? Some viewers actually question if he is even straight. Well, here’s some of the reasoning that has come out.

Matt and Kelly
  • “Matt only bc there is zero chance sex would be desired or required.”
  • “I also picked Matt. He has a cute little house and I feel like I’d be only into him as a friend so Kelly wouldn’t get too wild”
  • “If I dated Matt, I would try to hang out with Kelly as much as possible hahahaha. That would piss both of them off and get me broken up with really quickly but I would have fun pissing them off!”
  • “100% Matt so we can do each other’s nails and prank call boys.”

Essentially, viewers want to date Matt for a few hilarious reasons. First off, they want to get wine drunk with Kelly. Secondly, they know there would be no intimacy between them and Matt. Finally, it appears poking fun at the dynamic duo would be an added bonus.

Do you agree that Matt would be the top choice? Let us know in the comments and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I don’t understand why Kelly isn’t looking for a nice young man for Matt. She probably won’t like that either, so how about an old lady ? Make herself happy, because she certainly doesn’t want to make her son happy.

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