Hazel Busby Endures Another Loss, Danielle Says Won’t Last Long

Danielle and Hazel Busby - Instagram

Danielle Busby’s brave little red-headed quint Hazel has recently endured another loss. While it wasn’t anything too tragic, the loss did tug at the emotional heartstrings of mama bear, Danielle, a bit! Likewise, the loss was just a bit painful for the brave little quint. What loss did the OutDaughtered starlet endure exactly? Keep reading for the details and an adorable photo of the aftermath.

Hazel Busby endures another loss, Danielle says it won’t last

Danielle Busby took to Instagram pretty late last night to share a photo of her daughter Hazel. It was a pretty close-up snapshot of her daughter’s face. Hazel beamed with joy as she flashed a huge smile for the camera. At first glance, OutDaughtered fans were quick to notice the red-headed quint was missing something. Fortunately for anyone who didn’t catch it, Danielle explained that Hazel had endured a bit of a loss as they kicked off the weekend.

Hazel Busby - Instagram
Hazel Busby – Instagram

According to the very proud mother, this toothless little quint was the first of the Busby quintuplets to lose both of her front teeth. Danielle, however, added that Hazel would not be toothless for long as her other teeth were growing fast.

As OutDaughtered fans recall, it was just nine weeks ago that Danielle shared a photo of Hazel with an equally cheesy toothless grin. In the caption of this photo, Danielle explained that Hazel was the first of the quints to lose a top tooth.

“First quint to lose a top tooth. She tried to pull it last night, but went to bed with it barely hanging on…but I really think she wanted to pull it at school JUST to get the ‘big tooth – tooth necklace,’” Danielle explained in the caption of the older post.

Danielle Busby Instagram - Hazel
Danielle Busby Instagram – Hazel

OutDaughtered fans adore seeing her grow

In the comments, there was nothing but love for Hazel Busby. Fans doted on the red-headed quint as many weren’t shy about admitting she was their favorite within the family. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments of this late-night Instagram post:

  • “Such a pretty girl.”
  • “Way to go Hazel! Good job kiddo!”
  • “So sweet Princess.”

In addition to gushing over her toothless grin, many OutDaughtered fans admitted they were IN LOVE with the new glasses she got recently. Some fans jestingly wondered how much the Busby household cost the tooth fairy.

Danielle Busby Instagram - Hazel
Danielle Busby Instagram – Hazel

Don’t you think Hazel Busby looks adorable with her toothless grin? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on OutDaughtered.

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