Fans Think Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Are Parting Ways

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What is it that has fans convinced that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are no longer together? Ever since Pete’s big move to Australia, fans are speculating the couple isn’t as close as they used to be. Moreover, rumors of a possible split have been around for quite some time as the couple has been spending more time apart given their work obligations.

Is Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson’s Relationship A PR Stunt?

Although things look perfect on Kim’s socials, fans think otherwise. The reality star recently visited Australia to spend some time with her beau. However, some Kardashian fans believe that a possible breakup may be on the horizon.

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A Reddit user started an online thread predicting that the famous couple will split sometime soon this year. They wrote, “Kim and Pete are definitely breaking up soon. I didn’t really buy them as a real couple, but then even if they really are, I never expect them to last very long, not even till the end of this year.”

Another chimed in, “I never thought they were actually together in the first place.”

A third alleged, “It’s all for public relations just like their relationship.”

Are Kim And Pete Planning To Welcome A Baby Via Surrogacy?

Others feel the couple’s relationship will progress with time as one wrote, “The next six months are going to be very telling for them. I feel like big things are going to happen, in which direction I’m not sure.”

“I have this gut feeling, based on nothing concrete, that as soon as the custody arrangements are sorted with the kids and Kanye, things are going to progress fast,” they added.

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As reported by The Sun, the KUWTK alum is currently dealing with a nasty custody battle with ex-husband Kanye West. The exes share four children: North (9), Saint (6), Chicago (4), & Psalm (3).

Most fans speculate that the couple is headed towards a breakup. However, some feel that they are heading towards parenting with surrogacy plans in the future. The fan wrote, “Once Pete is finished filming in Australia and heads back to LA or New York, we will start getting reports about possible surrogacy talks.”

They added, “And if they celebrate their anniversary this year, we will get a post from Kim announcing their engagement or them moving in together.”

Fans Think Kanye West And Kim Are Back Together

Regardless, the pair’s long separation has worried fans, with many speculating that the breakup has already happened.

Moreover, Kim and Pete’s long-distance relationship has also sparked rumors that the reality star is back with her ex-husband. Fans have been noting several clues lately of the former couple being on good terms as they co-parent their kids.

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Despite not being a regular on social media, Kanye recently liked one of the SKIMS owner’s Instagram posts from Balenciaga’s photoshoot for its 51st couture collection.

Do you agree with fans about Kim and Pete not being together anymore? Are Kim & Kanye rekindling their relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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