‘LPBW’ Meet Jackson Roloff’s New Best Friend

Jackson Roloff, LPBW, YouTube

LPBW (Little People, Big World) star Jackson Roloff has a new best friend! The pair appeared in a few snaps together this week as they hung out. Keep reading to get all of the details and check out the cute photo and video.

The Roloffs Move To Washington

During LPBW Season 23, the Roloffs revealed that they were moving from Oregon to Washington. They’ve also shared about this on social media. This move means that there have been several changes for the Roloff family. Jackson, 5, is going to have to make new friends near his new house.

As we reported, Tori Roloff recently revealed that Jackson is heading off to kindergarten this year. So, he will be hanging out with new kids who weren’t in his preschool or pre-kindergarten classes.

Jackson Roloff, LPBW, YouTube

Now that they are settled in Washington, Jackson is enjoying some time with his new best friend. It doesn’t look like Jackson was affected too much by this move and is getting acquainted quickly.

LPBW: Meet Jackson Roloff’s New Best Friend

On social media this week, Zach Roloff posted a couple of snaps of Jackson with his buddy. He shared a photo and video on his Instagram Stories, which are available to view for 24 hours. We have saved them for you to look at below.

Also in his posts, Zach tagged Jackson’s friend’s parents’ Instagram pages. It looks like he is also a little person, just like Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. His name is Michael.

Below, you can see a snap of Jackson and Michael having fun together. The boys are playing with Nerf guns and it looks like they’re getting along really well.

In the video below, Jackson, Michael, and Lilah are all enjoying a popsicle outside on a warm summer day. So, maybe Lilah is becoming good friends with Michael, too.

It looks like LPBW star Jackson is having a great time with his new best friend, Michael. It’s unclear just how long these kiddos have known each other, but they have already hit things off.

Hopefully, they can spend a lot more time together as they grow up. It’s possible that they are even in the same kindergarten class this year. LPBW fans will have to wait and see if Tori and Zach share more updates about the best friends.

So, do you love these new snaps of Jackson Roloff with his best friend? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more LPBW news.

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