When Is ‘Breaking Bad’ Scheduled To Leave Netflix?

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Nick Davis

Breaking Bad was one of the TV shows at the forefront of the rise in popularity of stream binging. In the early days of Netflix, when binging was new, you probably heard a lot of people talking about binging Breaking Bad first. Despite being an AMC original program, Breaking Bad has become almost synonymous with Netflix. The spinoff film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story being a Netflix exclusive certainly cements that idea. But, like The Office, the era of repeatedly binging the show on Netflix may soon come to an end. Is Breaking Bad finally leaving the streaming titan? Where is it going if it leaves?

No More Breaking Bad

Both The Wrap and What’s On Netflix are reporting that the end of Netflix and Breaking Bad‘s unity is coming soon. Their report claims that Netflix will lose the rights to stream the crime-thriller show on their platform in early 2025. That does seem a bit far off as of right now. Luckily, it does give Netflix time to renegotiate contracts to ensure they keep around one of their most valuable third-party shows. But if nothing changes before now and then, that will mean the end for the show on Netflix.

breaking bad walter white
Bryan Cranston in his masterful role as Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad’

Netflix has been taking plenty of hits like this recently. Just in the last couple of years, they’ve lost massive third-party shows like The OfficeCriminal Minds (Most seasons, but not all), and they just lost Downton Abbey in June. The result of this, as well as other questionable decisions such as Netflix raising its subscription cost, is resulting in massive subscriber loss. In their Q2 earnings, Netflix is reporting a loss of 970,000 subscribers. Nearly a million customers left in the streaming originator in just a single quarter. If they lose Breaking Bad, and other massive shows of its kind, this subscriber loss will likely only continue at breakneck rates.


So where will Breaking Bad go if it leaves Netflix in 2025? Well, AMC does have its own streaming platform under the patent name AMC+. It’s not a particularly popular streamer. It currently only holds 2 and a half stars on the Google Play store. There are a plethora of negative reviews saying any number of terrible things about the app’s user interface. So it might not be the most convenient for consumers if Breaking Bad winds up there. Yet, AMC does have a deal with Hulu to make all AMC+ shows available on its platform for a modest extra fee. So we may wind up seeing Hulu catch a win with this Breaking Bad exit (Breaking Brexit? Working title).

Until then, Better Call Saul is premiering new episodes of its final season every Monday and most, if not all, of the show is available on Netflix worldwide. Breaking Bad and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story are both available entirely on Netflix right now.

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