‘RHOBH’: Sutton Stracke’s Date Has ‘Jeopardy’ Ties

'RHOBH': Sutton Stracke's Date Has 'Jeopardy' Ties

Sutton Stracke shocked Jeopardy! fans with her date. On Wednesday’s night episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she revealed to her friend Garcelle Beauvais that dating has been rough lately. While she was sick with COVID, she called up some of her old boyfriends.

In her confessional, Sutton admitted she wants someone who could put up with her. Needless to say, dating hasn’t been easy for her. Sutton was excited about her latest date though. She admitted to her assistant that she’s been on “five or six” dates with different guys. What’s interesting about this recent one is that he has Jeopardy! ties.

Sutton Stracke's Awkward Date [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Jeopardy! fans recognize Sutton Stracke’s date

If you’re an avid Jeopardy! watcher, you may have recognized Sutton Stracke’s date. Some noticed that she was dating contestant Sanjit Das from the popular quiz show. They took to social media to share their reaction. It’s one of the craziest crossovers in reality show history.

Normally, Jeopardy! and RHOBH fans don’t mix. Until now. Sutton Stracke revealed that the two met on Bumble. They had a handful of dates since and she seems smitten by him. Sutton met up with Sanjit at a restaurant.

The reality star wore a baby blue cat sweater with black leather shorts and matching ankle boots. She also carried a gold ornate handbag. Sanjit was already there waiting for her at the table. Jeopardy! fans immediately recognized him from the April 2001 episode that was hosted by the late Alex Trebek.

The game show has been making headlines yet again. Fans are not happy that the show is playing it safe by having two permanent hosts replace the iconic host. Seeing this former Jeopardy! contestant was a blast from the past.

Sutton Stracke remained single since her relationship with Michael ended on Valentine’s Day. She was hoping they would “dove a little deeper” on their latest date.

Sutton admitted that dating is harder now that she’s turned 50. She explained how the two met. The Southerner admitted that she’s not looking for a relationship right now. But, she wants the company of a gentleman.

“I met Sanjit on the Bumble,” Sutton Stracke revealed in her confessional. “I’m not looking for marriage. I guess I just want a boyfriend — someone who will put up with me! Sanjit is from Virginia, he went to law school in New Orleans, and he was also on Jeopardy! I do background checks on people that I date.”

Sutton Stracke likes Sanjit Das

Sutton Stracke and Sanjit had an awkward date. Their conversation transitioned from concerts to the Bravo star’s health woes. She then admitted that her foot was bothering her. Sutton scratched her foot before going back to eating her food.

She also told him that she “doesn’t eat spicy anything.” There was also an awkward kiss and anxious interactions. When she asked him if there will be a third date, he only took a sip from his drink.

In a previous episode, Sutton admitted that she likes Sanjit. She talked to her new mate via FaceTime. Erika Jayne took Sutton’s phone and spoke with him. Sutton snapped and said, “Excuse me, I actually like him!” Her co-star Lisa Rinna laughed and told her she said that while on the call with Sanjit.

Sanjit Das Dates Sutton Stracke [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
“He had a beer and I had a glass of wine and we talked about movies and books,” Sutton Stracke talked about their first date in her confessional. “College football seems to be our thing.”

Did you recognize Sanjit from Jeopardy? What are your thoughts on Sutton Stracke’s date? Do you think the two will make it? Sound off below in the comment section.

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