Pumpkin Recruits Honey Boo Boo To Push Cameos?


It is no secret that Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird is struggling financially. She has a lot of people to take care of in her household and is attempting to do her best. Recently, she welcomed twins with her husband Josh Efird so that just made the house even fuller. As of late, Pumpkin has come under fire for her money-making tactics. Now it appears she has recruited her younger sister Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson to help do her dirty work.

Everybody Comes To Pumpkin

It has not been easy for Pumpkin by any means. Not too long after she welcomed her first child and got married, she had a big decision to make. Her mother, Mama June was no longer capable of taking care of Pumpkin’s youngest sister, Alana. Therefore, Pumpin took her in so that she would have a stable home. She ended up staying there indefinitely as June got herself sober and tried to figure out her life. It just made the most sense. Soon enough, Alana and Pumpkin’s older sister, Jessica needed a place to stay so she came in and crashed with the family.


By 2021, Pumpkin and Josh were getting ready to welcome their second child, a baby boy named Bentley. Though times were tough, June seemed to not care all that much. She was in and out of their lives but when she was spending her money, it was on new men. June dropped 50K on a young man in Alabama whom she had just met. Finally, Pumpkin got sole custody of Alana and received $800/month in child support. Yet, she was also expecting twins, something she discovered within a few months of giving birth to Bentley. How would they make it by?

Pushing For Money

Recently, it was revealed that Pumpkin told her mother that she had no groceries. Rather than offering to help, June told her to get on TikTok and make some money. Alana has been pushing shirts on her social media plus the family just did a meet and greet in California. There is another one coming up next month in Georgia. Yet, Pumpkin pushed the limits when she put out her baby wish list on her social media which turned fans off. She eventually took it down. Then, for her husband, Josh’s birthday, she shared his CashApp on her socials. Fans were immediately turned off. Now, Alana is the one doing the dirty work.

Alana’s Instagram Story

According to The Sun, she has taken to her Instagram repeatedly to push for fans to book Cameos. Alana reminds them she is on there and to book it which is not cheap. Actually, hers costs less than Pumpkins. Alana charges $50 for basic and $900 for business whereas Pumpkin starts at $60 and goes up to $2500. It seems she is doing whatever she has to in order to help her older sister support her family. Is this what a sixteen-year-old should be doing?

Let us know your thoughts and would you book a Cameo with one of them?

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