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Meet ‘Ironheart’: The MCU’s Replacement For Iron Man

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Marvel has been introducing new characters from the comics into the MCU at a breakneck pace. Just in 2021, we got Moon KnightMs. Marvel, and we’re about to get She-Hulk next month. Plus, with their recent Phase 5 announcement and release map, we have confirmation that an even larger number of new characters are coming in 2023 and 2024. One of those characters is Riri Williams, AKA Ironheart. She’s one of the newest superheroes to enter Marvel comics, making her debut in 2016. Since then she’s become one of the biggest new heroes in the Marvel universe, and she’s set to be a sort of “spiritual successor” to Tony Stark in the MCU. So here’s everything we know about the upcoming girl in the iron suit.

Enter Ironheart

In the comics, Riri Williams is a child prodigy studying at MIT. She builds an impressive suit of armor using stolen parts using Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit as her inspiration. After performing some acts of heroism in her new, and somewhat faulty, suit, Stark himself gives Riri his blessing to become a new iron superhero and fight crime. Obviously, this won’t be happening in the Ironheart Disney+ show, seeing as Tony Stark is already dead. But it’s very likely that Riri’s troublemaking, inventive personality, along with her holding Tony Stark in the highest regard, will remain.

iron heart in full suit marvel comics
Riri Williams donning the full ‘Ironheart’ suit in the comics

Many of the Phase 5 shows and movies were given official release dates at the San Diego Comic-Con announcement. Yet, Ironheart was given a more vague release time of “Fall 2023.” That’s still specific enough for us to know that the show is coming soon and will be arriving in just over a year’s time. Which is exciting news for fans of the character. The actor behind Riri Williams is Dominique Thorne of Judas And The Black Messiah fame. In the recent Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer, Thorne makes a small but notable appearance. Letting fans know that Ironheart‘s MCU debut is coming sooner than we initially thought.

The New MCU

Alongside Ironheart, Marvel fans are also seeing the introduction of other fan-favorite characters to the MCU very soon. Blade is one of the most notable ones. Along with a number of other characters who will be appearing in the upcoming Secret Invasion and Thunderbolts shows. At this point, which characters those will be is mostly speculation. But we have a very exciting map for Phase 5, as well as some teasers and early confirmations for Phase 6, like 2 whole Avengers movies arriving in 2025.

Ironheart is coming to Disney+ in the fall of 2023. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will show off Riri Williams for the very first time on November 11th.

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