Isabel Roloff Enjoys Night Out With Perfect Curls

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Looks like Little People Big World star Isabel Roloff has promised herself to shine bright amid the body-shaming negativities. The reality star recently took to Instagram to share a picture-perfect selfie. She flaunted her gorgeous manes before going for a ‘mom’s night out.’

LPBW Star Isabel Roloff Flaunts Gorgeous Curls

The 26-year-old hasn’t always been comfortable with her body and looks. She has also been compared with Audrey and Tori Roloff by trolls for being on the chubbier side. However, the reality star seems more confident than ever.

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In her latest Instagram story, she shared several pictures flaunting her new look. Being the mother of young Mateo, Isabel seldom gets time to herself. And this surely was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a day on her own.

She showed off her beautiful red curls flaunting a sun-kissed look that highlighted her gorgeous blue eyes.

In the series of pictures posted on Instagram, she also teased her freckled bust in a selfie. She put her bust on display and smiled ear-to-ear for the camera, rocking a sexy low-cut black outfit.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

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She paired the outfit with an elegant gold necklace showing off her curves & freckles. The reality star captioned the post, “Freckles on the face: fake. On the chest: Real.”

Isabel Blasts Trolls For Body Shaming

There is no doubt that Isabel is a beautiful woman. However, the young mom hasn’t felt like herself for quite some time. In the past, trolls have put her down with body-shaming comments. This left her struggling with her body image issues.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

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Early in the month, Isabel attended a hillbilly party organized by Audrey. However, trolls didn’t leave any chance to make fun of her body. On Reddit, LPBW fans zoomed in on the mother of one and shared multiple pictures of her from the party. Fans noted how she looked unrecognizable without adding layers of Instagram filters that hide what she really looked like. Many fans continued to body shame her.

However, she took to Instagram to address the issue and shame the trolls that derogated her. The LPBW star noted that it was 2022 & asked the trolls to get a hobby.

Isabel Roloff Rocks ‘Mom-Bod’ In Black Swimsuit

Isabel’s first fight with the body-shaming trolls started with her ‘Mom-Bod’ on display. The reality star shared a swimsuit photo while on a trip with young Mateo and her husband, Jacob.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

She shared a sexy picture in a one-piece black swimsuit and paired the look with black glasses and a white shrug. She also wore denim unbuttoned shorts teasing a side-boob in her mirror selfie video.

What do you think of Isabel’s newfound confidence? Do you think trolls have been very harsh on the reality star? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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