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Isabel Roloff Goes Off On Fat-Shamers Has Epic Response

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Isabel Roloff is no stranger to being shamed by the Little People, Big World fanbase because of her size. Jacob Roloff’s wife has previously opened up about how much she struggled with sharing photos related to her wedding because of the horrible things people on the Internet said about her size and her wedding dress. Isabel noted it was supposed to be this special, beautiful day and people were so focused on the fact that she had a little more meat on her bones compared to Audrey and Tori.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Isabel Roloff tells fat-shamers to ‘get a hobby’

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Isabel attended Audrey’s controversial hillbilly party. On Reddit, fans zoomed in on Isabel and shared several photos of her at the party. Fans noted how unrecognizable she looked without a ton of Instagram filters hiding what she really looked like. Sadly, there were also many fans who continued to shame her because of her size.

Isabel Roloff took to Instagram to blast those who were shaming her body. She noted it was 2022 and urged the trolls following her to “get a hobby.” It is no secret that Isabel struggles with mental health issues. Likewise, fans assume she still has some baby weight from her pregnancy with Mateo on her body still.

Isabel Roloff - Instagram
Isabel Roloff – Instagram

LPBW fans slam her a second time, hypocrite?

Now, Isabel Roloff calling out fans for body-shaming her was NOT well received by Reddit. In fact, she was blasted a second time. Fans noted it was a “pot meet kettle” situation. According to chatter on Reddit, the issue fans had was the fact that Isabel seemed to have such an issue with body-shaming, but she was quick to plaster so many filters on herself that she looked like an entirely different person. Fans urged her to stop using so many filters if she wanted people to accept her for who she was.

Isabel Roloff - Instagram
Isabel Roloff – Instagram

As TvShowsAce reported, Isabel recently admitted that even the freckles on her face are part of a filter. She, however, did own the freckles across her busty bosom as the real deal.

Do you agree with the people of Reddit that using filters while wanting the world to accept you and your looks as they are is a bit hypocritical? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Isabel Roloff and the rest of Jacob’s family.

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