‘Unexpected’: Myrka Cantu Pregnant With Baby #2?


Unexpected alum Myrka Cantu has been doing her best as a single mother to her daughter Attalie. Of course, she has her own personal struggles. Occasionally, she shares them in her Instagram stories. Now, it seems she is about to undergo another huge life change. It appears that Myrka may be expecting baby number two.

An Unexpected Shunning For Being A Teen Mom

Every family reacts differently to learning that their teenager is going to be a parent. In Myrka’s case, her mother was mad and actually threw her out. It seemed she did not even want her to keep it but she did. Myrka ended up moving in with her boyfriend, Ethan Ybarra. His parents were super supportive of both of them and helped her through her entire pregnancy. Once she went into labor, her mother tried to come to visit but she was still not that supportive.

Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram
Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram

After Attalie was born, Ethan and Myrka continued to live with his parents until they decided to separate and the teens had to find new housing. Eventually, they parted ways but it became extremely contentious. She claimed he was being negligent and not supporting their baby. At the same time, Ethan alleged that she had moved too far away. Between work and not having a car, it was really hard for him to get to his baby girl.


Recently, it came out that he had impregnated a twenty-three-year-old while he is still a teen himself. Myrka, along with her mother (they have made up) had a field day with that. If he could not take care of his firstborn, how could he take care of another baby? While this was going on, Myrka took to her Instagram, claiming she couldn’t afford to go to prom. She then complained she did not get to walk at her graduation. Later, she explained it was all due to her mental health. Now, she has an even bigger announcement to share.

Baby #2 On The Way?

Yes, the former Unexpected cast member is pregnant again. She did an Instagram “bored” segment where followers could ask her anything. One asked about her expecting another baby and she directed them to her TikTok. Ultimately, she did reveal that she is in fact fifteen weeks pregnant and showed off her baby bump. Some were still skeptical so she answered all of their concerns. Yes, she has a boyfriend and she does not mind having baby number two because she won’t be doing it alone. Apparently, he has shown this to her.


As of now, she is no longer living with her mom but she did get pregnant after she moved out. She would have had to change all of her paperwork for Attalie and the funding she gets. Therefore, it was easier to stay put. Fans did ask if she would return to Unexpected but she said no as they treated her like a “literal dog.” She does seem genuinely happy and will go to university and work full-time in the fall. Hopefully, it all works out in the best way possible.

What do you think of Myrka’s surprise announcement? Would you want to see her back on Unexpected? Let us know in the comments below.

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