‘One Piece:’ Reason Shanks Will Not Meet With Luffy

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One Piece Chapter 1054 was finally released on July 24, and fans got to see some amazing twists alongside the return of the mysterious pirate Shanks. But, what exactly is in his mind? Has creator Eiichiro Oda revealed something interesting? As depicted in the popular manga’s latest chapter, Shanks has reached Wano’s borders. However, he doesn’t plan on seeing Luffy or even congratulating him on defeating Kaido.

Rather, he wishes to go claim the One Piece.

What Are Shanks’ Real Intentions For Luffy?

The latest chapter didn’t reveal what the pirate could be planning. It also raises questions regarding his intentions towards Luffy. Is there a possibility of a potential showdown between the Pirate King and Luffy? This is something that might be revealed in future chapters.

Shanks One Piece YouTube

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Shanks has been a part of Luffy’s life since the latter was a child. He even became Luffy’s role model, inspiring him as he grew up. He was a driving force that led Luffy to become a pirate and strive to become a strong captain. Given how strong their bond has been throughout the years, it is shocking to see his lack of interest in visiting Luffy post-victory against Kaido.

It is especially surprising for the older members of his crew, given their knowledge of how close the two are. Shanks also shrugs it off as simply doing his duty since Bartolomeo, who claims to follow Luffy, burned their flag. He also went on to raise Luffy’s flag in its place. This is an act that cannot be ignored.

Luffy Admits He Wants To Surpass Shanks

After talking about their past, Shanks suggests to Beckman that they should instead claim the One Piece. For most pirates in the One Piece universe, this is no doubt the ultimate treasure. At this point in the story, Luffy and Shanks are equals as they are both the Emperors of the Sea.

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However, previously in the manga series, Luffy admitted that he wishes to surpass Shanks and become the Pirate King, not just an Emperor. Given that they two now stand in the same position, they might have to clash if Luffy’s dream is to come true.

As per CBR.com, Shanks has always known that he and Luffy would indulge in a face-off in the near future. However, it was only after Luffy admitted to surpassing Shanks that the latter started taking the little boy seriously. Regardless, Luffy’s intent has always been transparent from the start. Luffy is also aware that an inevitable fight for the position is awaiting him, and he is ready for it.

Can Blackbeard Stop Shanks From Claiming One Piece?

So, Shanks’ suggestion to claim the ultimate prize is no doubt a declaration of war against Luffy, even if the latter doesn’t realize it. The only character in the manga that has the potential to ruin Shanks’ plan is Blackbeard. With the power of two Devil Fruit that he has, he has the capability to usher in his own era. It is also a possibility that Shanks has considered Blackbeard’s involvement in his planning to take down Luffy.

Shanks One Piece YouTube

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In One Piece Chapter 1055, slated to release on July 31, we might get a glimpse of Shanks’ preparations to battle against his friend. The reunion would surely be worth a watch as friends turn contenders, fighting to become the Pirate King.

Are you excited to see how the story unfolds in the upcoming chapter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Finally, if you wish to see One Piece’s anime adaptation, do not forget to check it out on Netflix.

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