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Kim Kardashian’s Latest ‘Joke’ Is Epic Failure?

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Kim Kardashian has been accused by the Internet of being “out of touch” as she posted an old meme in an attempt to stay relevant and trendy. In the past 24 hours, Kim shared a meme related to gas prices on her Instagram Stories. The Internet had all sorts of issues with this meme. Chatter on Reddit, however, suggests the biggest issue is Kim’s stale and dated sense of humor.

Kim Kardashian gets offensive while being relatable

Now, Kardashian fans across the Internet realize that Kim posted a meme related to gas prices because she was trying to be relatable. Initially, the post was met with a lot of criticism because members of the Kardashian family don’t have to worry about money. They flaunt their wealth with nearly everything they post on Instagram. They lavish their children with ridiculously expensive and unnecessary gifts. And, they fly private jets everywhere without a care in the world about gas prices.

Kim Kardashian Wants July 4th Canceled [KUWTK | YouTube]
[KUWTK | YouTube]

Trolled for missing the boat with this particular meme

On Reddit, fans noted the issues with this meme go far beyond the fact that gas prices don’t really hinder members of Kim Kardashians’ family. The people of Reddit noted that this particular meme is old and stale. There was a meme that made rounds about hitchhiking to save gas being a wise financial decision. This meme, however, made rounds on social media a while back. However, gas prices have since come down in many states. At least temporarily. 

Kim Kardashian - Instagram
Kim Kardashian – Instagram

Here’s what the people of Reddit had to say about Kim Kardashian being late to the party with this meme:

  • “where do we think she gets her memes? cause this one is easily 2 months old”
  • “Especially because (at least in California) gas prices have been dropping for a solid month”
  • “I was gonna say, wow Kimmy coming in with the stale a** memes.”

Alternatively, some fans were deeply offended she would even mention gas prices noting she had “some nerve” to try to be relatable with something that didn’t matter to her.

“She has got to be the most tone deaf person.. she has a private jet that she takes just to go 30 minutes up the road, but wants to make comments about gas prices,” one angry Reddit user penned.

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Other individuals speculated Kim Kardashian has probably never pumped gas into a vehicle in her life.

Did you take issue with the meme she shared on her profile? Was your issue with it being old, tone deaf, or both? Let us know in the comments down below. And, come back for more on the Kardashian family.

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