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Former Flagstaff Resident Spills Tea On Kody & Robyn Brown

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For way too long, Sister Wives fans have considered Robyn Brown as the “favored wife” of Kody Brown. While Meri, Christine, and Janelle have been around longer, Robyn seems to be the one Kody prefers to spend his time with.

Now, a reported Flagstaff resident has spilled some tea about Kody and his wives and reports that the rumors of Robyn being the favored wife are true. The person also reported that Kody is just as rude in real life as he appears on the show.

Former Flagstaff resident calls Robyn the favored Sister Wives‘ star

Someone took to Reddit and called themselves a “former resident of Flagstaff” and offered some tea about the Sister Wives cast. The tea from the former resident was mostly about Kody and Robyn Brown, and the speculation of who Kody favored of his four wives. As many fans suspected, it was Robyn all along.

Robyn Brown with Kody and Christine

“I was in the private dinning [sic] room (for my graduation party) of this restaurant where it is rumored the family regularly dines. the waiter overheard me talking about it and god bless their beautiful soul they spilled some tea,” Reddit user spaceeed wrote.

“Everything this sub speculates in terms of Kody and Sobyn is true… allegedly. Sobyn is known at the restaurant as the favorite wife because she’s the only one regularly eating out with Kody. In addition he is a terrible tipper and talks over everyone.”

This really plays into the fact that Kody and Robyn are almost on an island of their own for the Sister Wives. The two live together in a large house that cost almost $1 million after Kody’s desire to build one house for the family fell through. Janelle already complained that the family didn’t seem as close since they moved into separate homes. Christine even recently left.

Sister Wives fans speculate on Kody and Robyn Brown’s relationship

After the former resident posted this incident on Reddit, Sister Wives’ fans chimed in with their thoughts. After some jokes about Robyn being a terrible cook while spending “every waking moment whining,” others posted that this confirmed their suspicions.

“It’s nice to have outside validation of what we see,” one commenter wrote. “I bet the camera men and producers of the show can’t stand him.” Another responded that they would love a crew member to show up in the subreddit.

Another person who claimed to have experience with Kody Brown responded, “I saw him at the Culver’s acting like an absolute jerk to the staff, my guy shut up and eat your butter burger!”

When another Redditor asked about it, the original poster came back with some more information, writing, “The owner of the restaurant refused to let kanye***** rent it out due to disliking his stance on certain things. However he’s best friends with Kody who rents out the private room once a week. Kinda feels hypocritical to refuse Kanye****.”

It sounds like Kody isn’t making many friends in his new hometown. However, he clearly still holds Robyn Brown above his other wives, at least in the public’s eye.

Does the insider’s tea surprise you? Let us know in the comments below.

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