Did Kim Kardashian Mess With 88 Year Old Grandma MJ’s Face?

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Kim Kardashian is constantly under fire for using photoshop to edit photos. She’s been accused of photoshopping herself, her children, and even her boyfriend Pete Davidson. The Kardashians fans, however, believe she might’ve sunk to a new low as she appears to have photoshopped her 88-year-old grandmother’s face to look younger.

Kim Kardashian wishes her grandmother a happy birthday

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram yesterday to wish her beautiful grandmother, MJ, a happy 88th birthday. Her post included tons of photos of her grandmother from over the years. The top photo included a recent selfie of Kim with her grandmother.

“Happy 88th Birthday to the Queen MJ! I love you so much grandma and so so so lucky to have you to up to look up to,” Kim penned in her caption.

In the comments of her post, Kim’s followers were happy to join her in wishing her grandmother a very happy birthday. According to The Sun, the more critical followers of The Kardashians were not so quick to join her in the celebrations.

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Did she really remove wrinkles from her face?

On Reddit fans pointed out how smooth and clear Kim Kardashian’s grandmother’s face looked. They were skeptical that it was possible for her to have a wrinkle-free face at the age of 88. The Kardashians fans were a bit turned off by the fact that Kim would photoshop her grandmother’s face to look younger.

Some fans questioned if MJ had ever had any work done. This individual went on to note that her face and body looked a lot more natural than the rest of the Kardashian family. Sadly, fans assume this is also why Kim felt the need to photoshop the photo.

Kim Kardashian - Instagram
Kim Kardashian – Instagram

Here’s what some fans had to say about this obviously photoshopped picture:

  • “Yeah I think she’s natural but Kim definitely photoshopped her.”
  • “There’s a 99.999999% chance this photo is photoshopped.”
  • “Why does grandma look younger now than in the picture from 20 years ago?”
  • “she blurred out MJ’s wrinkles.”

Overall, fans thought it was gross that MJ looked younger in her 88th birthday picture than she did in some of her older photos. Fans questioned why Kim Kardashian felt the need to erase her grandmother’s wrinkles. Was the Kardashian family really that afraid of wrinkles and aging?

Do you think Kim Kardashian photoshopped this photo? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Kim Kardashian’s family.

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