Courtney Waldrop Shares The Tale Of Layke & The Chicken

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Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop is sharing a sweet story of her son, Layke, and a chicken. She documented the moment on her Instagram Stories so fans could see it, too. Keep reading for all of the details.

The Waldrops add chickens to their family.

A few months ago, Courtney took fans along as her husband, Eric, built a chicken coop. Their nine children love eating eggs, so having chickens on their property is a great way for them to save money and make sure there are plenty of eggs in the house at all times.

The family ended up buying 30 chicks before the chicken coop was complete, so Eric had to get busy. Fortunately, now, it looks like the project is finished. Of course, with his job and nine children, he’s probably preoccupied with another project by now.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Now, Courtney Waldrop has a sweet story to share about her four-year-old son, Layke, and a chicken. Layke seems to be especially interested in the chickens and has already fallen in love with them. Scroll down to see the cute photos.

Courtney Waldrop shares a tale about Layke & a chicken.

On her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, July 26, Courtney took fans along with her as she hung out by the chickens. She revealed that all nine of her kids are obsessed with the chickens. She shared one snap of Layke with a chicken in his arms and his face pressed against the chicken’s face, which you can see below.

Then, she told a sweet tale about Layke and the chicken. She explained that he enjoys holding the chickens and giving them hugs.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram

In another snap, Courtney Waldrop shared another look at Layke with a chicken. There was a little mix-up when Layke was talking to her, though. She thought he had named the chicken “Ruther.” However, she finally figured out that he was trying to say “Rooster” instead.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram

It looks like Layke is loving having chickens on his family’s property. He seems to know exactly how to catch them and handle them. Maybe fans will get another look into the Waldrop family’s backyard soon and can see all of the kids loving on the chickens.

So, what do you think of the tale of Layke and the chicken? Sound off in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Courtney Waldrop and her family.

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