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Adam Busby Declares Which Quint Wins Belly Contest

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Adam Busby of OutDaughtered shared a precious video on his Instagram a few days ago revealing the belly flop champ of the family. He kicked off the video by noting how much he enjoyed watching his girls belly flop into the pool. He told his followers to “check it out” before he panned the video over to show too of the girls standing on the edge of the pool.

Danielle Busby could be heard announcing before counting down. Then, one by one the girls flopped into the pool. The competition continued until there was one victor. Which member of the Busby family is the belly flop champ? Keep reading for the details!

OutDaughtered Adam & Danielle Busby
Instagram Adam Busby

OutDaughtered: Busby family belly flop champ.

After winning the first round, LuLu Busby went on to challenge her twin sister Ava. Adam and Danielle counted down before the twins flopped into the pool one at a time. Adam announced that Lulu was the winner of round two. For the final round, fans assume the camera was either sitting on the edge of the pool or it was passed off to Danielle. The final round was LuLu versus her father Adam Busby.

Adam Busby and LuLu had a conversation for a few minutes before everyone counted down. Adam was first up to the plate belly flopping into the pool. LuLu followed behind gracefully flopping into the water with a BIG splash!

The camera returns to Adam’s hand and he announces he has a headache after slamming into the water. Immediately after hitting the water, the chatter of his daughters begging daddy to “do it again” could be heard.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

Adam concluded the video by panning over to LuLu who was hanging out on a pool noodle with a huge smile on her face. Adam declared LuLu was the belly flop champ of the family. The quint was clearly proud to have the title.

Fans agreed with Adam Busby on who the champ was

In the comments, fans all seemed to agree that LuLu had the most visually appealing-looking belly flops. So, she was definitely the champ of the family. Some fans, however, wanted to call attention to how painful Ava’s belly flops looked as she hit the water.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

OutDaughtered fans thanked Adam and his wife Danielle for giving them this small window into the lives of the girls. And, they hoped to see more precious content like this soon.

Check out the belly flop video on Adam’s profile and let us know if you agree that LuLu is the champ!

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