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New ‘Little People, Big World’ Episode Not Airing On TLC, Why?

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Little People, Big World fans have tuned in to TLC for a new episode every Tuesday night for the past ten weeks. Sadly, a new episode of LPBW is NOT airing tonight on TLC. Popping onto Discovery+ real quick, subscribers have realized a new episode of the Roloff family isn’t available there either. Bummed out, chances are pretty good you landed here after racing to Google with one major question. Why isn’t a new episode of Little People, Big World airing on TLC tonight?

Fortunately, TvShowsAce has a pretty simple and clear answer to this question. Sadly, it isn’t an answer that viewers of the series really want to read about.

Matt Roloff And Zach Roloff

New episode of Little People, Big World not airing, why?

As TvShowsAce has previously reported, TLC aired the Season 23 Finale of Little People, Big World last Tuesday. Putting this more bluntly, this means there isn’t a new episode airing simply because there aren’t any more new episodes for TLC to air. According to TLC’s schedule on their website, the network is airing a bit of a Welcome To Plathville marathon today. This marathon leads up to the Season Finale of Plathville which is two hours long. So, this is what Roloff fans can watch in place of the Little People, Big World time slot tonight.

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube - TLC
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube – TLC

Will there be more new episodes of the Roloffs, though?

What fans of Little People, Big World really want to know is: Will there be new episodes airing after tonight. As TvShowsAce previously reported, Amy Roloff slipped up and admitted they were currently filming what she suspected would be Season 24 of the series. She, however, clarified the network doesn’t really sit the family down and tell them they are filming for Season 24 and when Season 24 is happening. So, Amy Roloff wasn’t comfortable saying for sure that another season was happening. She, however, was hopeful that’s what they were currently filming.

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube - TLC
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube – TLC

New Episode of Little People, Big World: What fans want

Little People, Big World fans aren’t really sure what they want from new episodes of the series. Some fans admit they would like Caryn and Matt to leave the show. Fans love seeing Amy and Chris together. And, they love seeing Tori and Zach’s family. They, however, just don’t seem to care for Matt and Caryn.

One big thing fans want is for production to not drag out one tiny family issue for an entire storyline. Many fans complained Season 23 was a bit hard to watch as they dragged out Zach and Matt’s feud and his decision to sell some of the property out for ten episodes.

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  1. i would like to see Zack and Tori and their family along with Amy and Chris and bring in some of the other families, and what they are doing, and if they were interested in going together with the brothers and buying
    the farm from MAT? maybe this could become a good story.

  2. New show for Tori and Zach, Amy and Chris. I will not tune in to watch Matt and Caryn, both of then is wash out and it spells out of family TV shows.

  3. I can’t believe Zack thinks he is entitled to demand or bullied his fathers dreams into a guilt ridden affair! How dare he think that just because he has been inflicked with dysplasia like his parents he again has the right to destroy his father’s dreams! Zack get a real job and stop being so much like your mother plus tie a knot in your reproduction organ it’s not all fun and no gain! Again you are not still in high school get a trade other than reproducing offspring! Grow up!

  4. I was hoping that the show was going to play.
    I personally Love Amy and Chris and Zach and Tori and of course the kids.
    I know divorce happens but those two Matt and Karen-🤮
    Both are terrible when it comes to being generous.
    It occurs to me Ebenezer Scrooge that at the end of life it’s about family and love.
    He wouldn’t go anywhere with Amy now he’s doing pottery??
    If he would’ve tired as hard with Amy as he does with Karen it would have worked.
    She’s going to leave him- they always do after hurting lives and the kids.

  5. I love watching Amy (don’t care much for Chris) and Zach and Tori and their family. Don’t bring back Zach’s twin with that awful wife of his……I don’t mind watching Matt, but Caryn is sickening to watch……Wake up Matt and admit what you have done to your family. Shame on you!! Caryn isn’t worth it, she is out to gain money. Watch out when Matt passes away, Caryn will see to it that the kids get nothing.

  6. I like Matt and Caryn! You can’t script reality, right? Let their story play out. I love the dynamic of Matt and Chris. This is what some real families look like so let them be.

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