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New Episode Of ‘LPBW’ Not On Discovery+, Why?

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The best part of having a Dicovery+ subscription is watching new episodes of shows such as LPBW before they air on television. For those unfamiliar with Discovery+, it offers a unique opportunity to watch episodes hours before they air. With shows that air on the TLC channel, new episodes are dropped on Discovery+ around 8 or 9 a.m. EST on the days they are slated to air. This gives fans HOURS to watch their favorite shows before they normally air later in the evening.

For the past ten weeks, Tuesday night has given TLC viewers one big thing: A new episode of the Roloff family. For Discovery+ members, this meant they got to watch a new episode of LPBW early for the past ten weeks. Popping into Discovery+ because it is Roloff Tuesday, subscribers were met with a bit of disappointment. Where was this week’s new episode of LPBW?

Sadly, a new episode of LPBW did not drop into Discovery+ this week. Fortunately, there is a very simple and clear reason why. It, however, isn’t a reason that will bring fans any comfort.

Tori - Zach - Jackson - Lilah - Roloff Youtube
Tori – Zach – Jackson – Lilah – Roloff Youtube

New episode of LPBW didn’t drop on Discovery+, why?

Like clockwork, Little People, Big World fans could pop onto their Discovery+ accounts every Tuesday morning and watch a new episode of the Roloff family. Sadly, that wasn’t an option this week. Why? Unfortunately, there are no new episodes for Season 23. The episode that dropped into the streaming library last week was the Finale of the season. So, fans will have to wait for Season 24.

Matt Roloff - Chris marek - Caryn Chandler Amy Roloff Youtube
Matt Roloff – Chris marek – Caryn Chandler Amy Roloff Youtube

Is Season 24 of the series happening, though?

The big question Discovery+ viewers have at this point is simple: Will there be more new episodes of LPBW? With Season 23 ending, will there be a Season 24? TLC is notorious for waiting until the last minute to announce renewals. A large portion of the time, fans don’t learn about renewals until Season Premieres are announced.

As TvShowsAce reported, however, Amy Roloff spilled the beans on the future of the series via her recent live stream. According to Amy, they are currently filming. She, however, clarified that she doesn’t know what they are filming for exactly. So, she wasn’t comfortable confirming Season 24 was definitely happening. But, she assumes that is why they are filming.

Amy Roloff - YouTube
Amy Roloff – YouTube

Did you hop on Discovery+ with the intent of watching a new episode of Little People, Big World this morning? Were you disappointed when you discovered it wasn’t there? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Roloff news.

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