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Mama June’s Grandson Bentley Tears Birthday Cake Apart

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Mama June Shannon may lead a chaotic lifestyle these days, but her daughters seem to have themselves more put together. Her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird and her husband Josh are the parents of four children — all under five years old. There’s a lot of love in the household, but things can be loud with that many small children under one roof.

Lauryn’s son Bentley Jameson Efird just celebrated his first birthday. And he reacted in true toddler fashion. Keep reading to see the adorable photos.

Mama June’s grandbaby celebrates his first birthday

Lauryn Efird just turned 22 this year, but she’s already a mother of four. It seems like she’s doing everything in her power to provide for her little ones, and Alana too. Lauryn became Alana’s full-time guardian after the courts awarded her custody of the teenager.

Pumpkin might be young, but her children seem to be happy and well. She frequently posts photos of the little ones, including Bentley who turned one this week.

Lauryn Efird from Instagram
Lauryn Efird/Instagram

“Photo dump with my sweet babies ❤️❤️❤️” Pumpkin captioned a photo collection of her little ones online. There are several pictures of the newborn twins Stella and Sylus, Ella Grace, and little Bentley with his birthday cake.

It appears that it had a fun “under the sea” theme, but Bentley just wanted a piece. In the photo, it seems as if the little boy tore into the birthday cake with his hands. He also has a smearing of blue icing across his face.

Lauryn Efird from Instagram
Lauryn Efird/Instagram

Mama June may not play a very active role in her grandchildren’s life, but fans just can’t get enough of the photos. Lauryn’s children are just too cute to believe!

Can you believe that Bentley Jameson is already one year old? Leave your thoughts in the comments and share some birthday well wishes!

Road to Redemption so far

Fans think that Road to Redemption is a little difficult to watch this season. Fans already know that full custody of Alana went to Pumpkin, but the series is just now exploring that.

Mama June’s lifestyle choices don’t always make her the best parent for her teen daughter Alana. And that’s exactly what prompted Pumpkin to file for sole custody in the first place. The Efirds knew they had to step up and prevent Mama June from exposing Alana to too much.

Since then, there’s been a bit of drama between Mama June and the Efirds, including financial issues. But even so, many fans agree that Alana is in a much better environment with Pumpkin’s family than she is with Mama June.

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