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‘King Of The Hill’ Creator Says Show May Be Coming Back

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King Of The Hill is one of the biggest adult cartoons of the 00s. The show’s creator Mike Judge is the master of creating shows as deceptively clever as they are hilariously ignorant. Judge has also been revisiting his old successes recently with a new Beavis & Butthead film.

So with Judge taking creative trips to the past, it’s no surprise that he would also want to visit his equally-successful follow-up to Beavis & ButtheadKing Of The Hill. So is the show finally coming back after its finale way back in 2009? Some new comments from San Diego Comic-Con 2022 have fans believing the revival is a fact.

King Of The Hill Comeback?

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Hank and Maria Hill of ‘King Of The Hill’

Mike Judge, along with fellow Beavis & Butthead creator Greg Daniels, sat down for a panel on the new movie at Comic-Con. Most of the questions naturally were centric on the new film and reflections on the show’s long past.

But with Judge having so many other successes in his career between Office Space and Silicon Valley, it’s only natural he’d get questions about his other creations. And when the possibility of a King Of The Hill revival came up, Judge had this to say:

King of the Hill has a very good chance of coming back.”

That’s all it took to send the fanbase into an uproar. There have been speculations about the show making a comeback all year. Judge’s words at Comic-Con are technically still far from an official confirmation, much less an announcement. But it seems as though Mike Judge is strongly hinting at the idea that the show’s coming back and trying to build some early hype for its return.

The fans would certainly love to see Hank Hill deal with the many changes to small-town American life that have come since the show’s end in 2009. Both the Obama and the Trump eras have come and passed since the show’s finale. That’s a lot for the Hill family to have gone through in rural Texas, and fans are eager to know what they’ve been up to.

Mike Judge & His Many Faces

Mike Judge is one of the most prolific comedy writers of the last 30 years. If you watch comedy TV, you’ve undoubtedly seen either Beavis & ButtheadKing Of The HillSilicon Valley, or one of the many other shows that Judge has made contributions to.

He’s still going strong, as well. The new Beavis & Butthead film is receiving critical and fan acclaim. It certainly seems that there’s a bright future ahead for Judge’s many projects.

As of right now, there’s no release window for the King Of The Hill revival. Beavis And Butthead Do The Universe just came out on Paramount Plus recently. Meaning there may be an official announcement on King Of The Hill sometime in the near future.

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