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Will ‘My 600-Lb Life’ Return For Season 11 Amid Legal Troubles?

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For several years now, My 600-Lb Life has been a staple on TLC. But ever since Season 10 ended, fans are wondering what the future of the show will look like.

There have been rumors about legal issues circling the show for years now. And many of the show’s guests actually went on to pass away after their time on the show.

Will My 600-Lb Life return for Season 11? Or is TLC ending the show over liability issues? Keep reading to see what some fans online think.

A former guest shares a My 600-Lb Life update

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, or Dr. Now for short, is a highly respected surgeon in the field of bariatrics. However, he’s also 77 years old and many viewers worry about how much longer he can keep practicing. Season 10 guest Lucas Higdon revealed he still sees Dr. Now, so he’s definitely keeping his practice open for now.

But even so, he might not actually come back to TLC. TV Shows Ace had the chance to speak to a My 600-Lb Life guest who revealed that TLC was angry with Dr. Now over all the lawsuits that have cropped up in recent years. The network was beginning to consider him to be a liability. If the show does indeed come back for Season 11, the beloved surgeon might not be part of the series.

My 600-Lb Life from TLC
Dr. Now/TLC

However, over on Reddit some viewers revealed that they had seen filming crews outside Dr. Now’s practice in Texas. So what’s going on?

“I know there hasn’t been any official word yet but I heard there’s a chance it might not get renewed due to all of the legal problems, as well as, covid. What do you guys think? I hope we get another season,” the original writer posted on Reddit.

Lucas Higdon chimed in once again to share what he had seen.

“Two Dr. Now visits ago (basically 2 months ago) they were filming a patient visiting, can only confirm they were filming though not sure which show they were filming for,” Lucas said.

Are new episodes of Where Are They Now coming?

Season 10 guest Lucas Hidgon confirmed they were filming with another guest. However, he didn’t provide much detail other than that. If there won’t be the 11th season of My 600-Lb Life, perhaps crews were filming new episodes of Where Are They Now.

My 600-Lb. Life - YouTube/TLC uk
My 600-Lb Life/TLC

Most fans love getting follow-up episodes and updates with guests. In recent years, the fanbase complained they wanted more of this kind of content. Maybe TLC is finally listening. No matter what happens, stay tuned for more information and see what TV Shows Ace digs up next.

Can’t get enough of My 600-Lb Life? Follow TV Shows Ace online to make sure you always have the latest information. Check back for more and see what Dr. Now and the rest of the cast are up to.


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