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Mama June Fixes Hubby’s Lifetime Self-Esteem Issue?

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Mama June has done what she does best: spend money on a man she just met. She met Justin Stroud in the Fall of 2021 and fell head over heels for him. They both had recovery in common though he was very new to it. She immediately took him from Alabama to Georgia where she attempted to place down roots near her family. Then, she decided it was time for them to get their epic makeovers. Yet, his was apparently closer to his heart than hers was.

Mama June Likes To Spend, Spend, Spend

The one issue June’s daughters have had with her is the way she just blows money on anything and everything. When it came to her substance abuse problems, she spent all of her earnings. Furthermore, she admitted that in one year, she spent one million dollars on drugs. At the beginning of this season of Road to Redemption, she ended it with longtime boyfriend Geno Doak. As she departed and went home with her family, she told him he could keep the car.

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Essentially, she bought all of their drugs and left him with a vehicle. Upon coming back to Georgia, she made promises to her girls but then promptly took off for a man in Alabama. Jordan was twenty-four and in recovery so she claimed that he needed her to stay sober. While there, she spent 50K on her new friend, getting him a home and a car. Friends, family, and fans were blown away by this. He ended up getting engaged to someone else but it was fine for June.

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She had fallen for his friend Justin so she brought him back to Georgia with her, hoping to start a new life with him. June bought a house and he needed a car to take her around since she is legally blind and can’t drive. Though she tried to contest the amount of child support she would pay for her daughter, Alana Thompson, a fair case was made. June’s older daughter and Alana’s caretaker, Pumpkin reminded her how much she spent on men. Pumpkin’s point had been further proven on a trip to LA when June and Justin visited a few doctors.

Fixing The Past

Prior to the child support debacle, Mama June took two of her girls, Pumpkin, and Jessica to Las Vegas for a girl’s weekend. They were blown away by how careless June was with her money, overspending at every turn. While she was there, she called her manager, Gina, and told her she needed two appointments in LA. One was for her to get a revision on her weight loss surgery and the other was to get her beau new teeth. Apparently, Justin had struggled with his teeth since he was little and it made him uncomfortable with his smile. So, she wanted to help him get his confidence back.

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Justin Before & After

Having been in recovery, when Pumpkin first saw him, she immediately called out his toothless look and assumed it was because of drugs. Gina was able to get the appointment and Justin explained his situation. He had dental problems from an early age and then when he was in jail, they offered to “yank” them for free. He was all for that but it always brought him down. In Cali, he and June went to the best dentist who made him a mold and created dentures. It completed transformed his face and boosted his confidence.

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