Did Kylie Jenner Just Hint At Baby Boy’s Name On TikTok?

Kylie Jenner/The Kardashians IG

Kylie Jenner’s second child was born in early February of this year. The little baby had a public name for about a month. Then, his parents decided it just did not suit him. Now it has been a waiting game to find out what Kylie and her baby daddy, Travis Scott have renamed the little boy. There has been a lot of speculation and now eagle-eyed fans think they’ve solved the mystery via TikTok.

What’s In A Name, Kylie Jenner?

When Kylie welcomed her baby boy in February, her fans looked for any and all clues about what she may have named him. She and her boyfriend, Travis already had a little girl Stormi. The two had been together barely a year before they welcomed their little lady in February of 2018. It was a very hush-hush pregnancy as she wanted to enjoy being pregnant away from the public eye. Fortunately, she made a sweet video documenting her journey to motherhood. Both fans and her little one could enjoy this which was extremely magical. She was also able to experience being pregnant alongside her older sister Khloe.

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For baby number two, that was not really hidden all that much. Plus, Kylie and her family were filming their new Hulu show The Kardashians so her bump was on full display. Finally, in early February, baby boy made his entrance. Just a few days later, Kylie and Travis shared his name was Wolf. However, not even a month later, they recanted that and explained it did not feel right so they were going to change his name. Four months have gone by and no name has been given. Yet now some fans are thinking they may have figured it out.

A Possible Clue?

Kylie Jenner has been doing her best to keep her son’s new moniker under wraps. According to The Sun, fans of the beauty mogul think they’ve found the easter egg leading to the baby’s name. In a TikTok video, Kylie was walking through a garden, her son in a carrier on her. The plants and veggies are visible and though they have labels, the only one that the camera zeroes in on is “sage.” They continue their stroll to the eggs and such but this one label has fans convinced Kylie was subtly giving away his name.

Kylie Jenner/The Kardashians IG

“New name Sage!?” one noted. Another added: “Sage is pretty usual as a boy’s name.” The comments flowed in with someone saying: “I wonder if his name is Sage since that was the only tag we saw.” This would be a pretty sweet and unique way to finally make the baby name announcement. Do you think Kylie Jenner renamed her baby Sage or is it just a way to divert attention? Let us know in the comments.

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