Joe Amabile Talks Engagement Party, Are They Wedding Planning?

It’s getting serious for Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt. Joe revealed Serena’s parents are throwing them an engagement party in Canada. The couple found love on Bachelor in Paradise and quickly became fan favorites who love sharing their lives together with everyone.

The couple moved in together in New York City and seem happier than ever. Joe is part of the podcast Click Bait with Bachelor Nation along with fellow Bachelor stars Tia Booth and Natasha Parker. His co-stars said on the show that they received invitations to the party.

Joe Amabile Is Excited For The Party

Joe Amabile shared that the party will be a great way to celebrate with those important people in his and Serena’s life. According to Bachelor Nation, Joe said, “It’s going to be really nice. It’s really nice of them,” speaking of Serena’s parents. The party will be happening in a month. For a while, Serena and Joe did the long-distance relationship thing, and now that they’re living together they’re learning more about each other all the time.

Joe Amabile, Instagram

Joe and Serena made a cute commercial they posted on Instagram; you can view it here. In it, Serena is talking about her “perfect fit,” meaning the makeup she’s putting on her face. She starts out by saying it’s our anniversary while wearing a stunning green dress. Joe is in the background cutely smirking, thinking she’s talking about him. He’s wearing a suit like they’re going on a fancy date. Fans loved how cute they joked together and how funny the commercial is. One fan said, “best commercial ever! You guys killed it!”

The Couple Made Their Apartment More Homey

Serena and Joe Amabile wanted to spruce up their apartment in New York a bit, so they called in an Ontario designer to fix it for them. Alexandra Gater came in and posted it all on her YouTube channel. Her specialty is rental-friendly upgrades.

The apartment is small, one bedroom and they wanted to make it a home. Serena said they shoot a lot of their content in their home and they want it to be more intentional for filming. Serena also said she loves things to be simplistic while Joe loves things to be vibrant. They wanted to find something in the middle.

Joe Amabile, Serena, Alexandra Gater, YouTube
Joe Amabile, Serena, Alexandra Gater, YouTube

Serena said it was important they made it renter friendly where they could reverse it when they move. They both want a bigger home in the future, maybe more than one bedroom for some babies.

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