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Honey Boo Boo Mocks Worried Fans, Begs For Business

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Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson is making a statement and it is quite bold. The sixteen-year-old has stayed relatively silent amidst the revelation that her boyfriend was arrested in 2019. Fans have been concerned about her though she has not said much since the information resurfaced. However, it seems she is staying quiet no longer. Taking to her Instagram story, HBB made a quick comment to her followers and it was not so kind.

Honey Boo Boo: Her Boo’s Jailtime Resurfaces

Alana has been dating Dralin Carswell for over a year. Yes, he is her first real love and boyfriend. Her sister, Pumpkin, who she has been living with since 2019, would not allow her to date until she was sixteen. Alana and Dralin met prior to her birthday and formed a very close bond. Therefore Pumpkin took it upon herself to meet up with Dralin and get to know him. Essentially, she wanted to read him the riot act and let him know he was not to mess with Honey Boo Boo.

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Fans of Alana’s were skeptical of him upon learning about the relationship mainly because of the age difference. He was twenty when the two started dating. She did not care plus the family was super accepting of him. Alana’s mother, Mama June said she liked him but wished he was more stable when it came to working. As for Alana’s aunt Doe Doe, she said she loved him. The same went for June’s eldest and least seen daughter, Anna.

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Last month, Dralin took to his Instagram and sounded off about disliking the law but gave no reasoning. Earlier this month, he set off to California with Pumpkin, her husband, their four kids, and Alana. Then, just the other day, his past came back to haunt him. In 2019, he was dating a fifteen-year-old when he was eighteen. They were intimate and the mother filed charges though the girl said it was consensual. He had claimed he was never there but that was a lie. In December 2021, after he completed a program, the case was dismissed.

Mocking Fans’ Concerns?

After the news about Dralin came out, obviously fans were worried about Honey Boo Boo. She has been through a lot in her life and this was the last thing she needed. There was also the question of whether or not she knew about his past when she started dating him. Obviously, the case was dismissed a few months into their relationship. Would Pumpkin let Alana date someone with a shady past? So many questions. Late yesterday, Alana spoke out through her social media.

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She took to her Instagram story and mocked her followers and fans who have expressed concern. “i love how everyone is so worried about me!!” she wrote. It was followed up with three laughing emojis as if the genuine concern was comical to her. On the same page, she added that she was having a meet and greet and told fans to “make sure to purchase.” The next slide had even more info on it plus that they could bring gifts though it was not mandatory.

Finally, the last slide was of her on Cameo and that they were great for everything. She charges $50 for a basic video and $900 for a business video. Her sister, Pumpkin charges $60 for basic and 2K for business so it is not cheap at all. Right now, the family is doing whatever they can to make ends meet. In the middle of the week, Pumpkin shared her husband, Josh’s CashApp for his birthday which caught her a lot of heat. Their show has yet to be renewed.

Do you think Alana and Pumpkin will get a spinoff and do you want to see more of Dralin? Let us know.

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