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Tyler Cameron Reveals Where Friendship With Matt James Stands After Rachael Drama

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Is Tyler Cameron still besties with Bachelor alum Matt James after tensions with Rachael Kirkconnell? Keep reading to get the scoop on where their friendship stands now.

Matt James & Tyler Cameron’s friendship tested by Rachael drama?

Matt James had one of the most controversial endings in Bachelor history. In the middle of the season airing in 2020, photos surfaced online of frontrunner Rachael Kirkconnell attending an Old South plantation party.

At the time, America was deep in the midst of a debate over racism. Kirkconnel’s attendance at such a party was deemed racially insensitive. But by then, Matt James was already head over heels for her.

They left the finale together, but not engaged. However, during the After the Final Rose special that aired directly after the finale, they revealed their breakup.

At the time, Matt James couldn’t see himself with someone who didn’t understand the racial implications of the plantation party.

However, the two quickly reunited and have been together ever since.

Bachelorette alum and Bachelor Nation fan-favorite Tyler Cameron happens to be best friends with Matt James since their college football days.

In fact, James credits his bestie for getting him cast on The Bachelor.

A Black man wearing a black shirt (Matt James) and a man in a striped shirt (Tyler Cameron.)
Matt James and Tyler Cameron/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

However, Tyler Cameron never got the chance to give Matt and Rachael’s relationship his seal of approval. He never got to meet Rachael before her initial split with Matt James.

In May, Matt James described Rachael and Tyler as having a “love-hate relationship.” He didn’t explain what he meant by that.

Are Matt & Tyler still roommates?

Following Matt’s time on The Bachelor, he shared an apartment in New York City with Tyler Cameron. The two hung out all the time.

However, after reconciling with Rachael, Matt took his relationship with her to the next level and the duo moved to Miami, Florida.

What about Tyler?

He was recently spotted in NYC getting hot and heavy with model Paige Lorenze.

So, no Matt and Tyler aren’t roommates anymore. In fact, online speculation wondered if they were even still friends. What did Tyler say about the rumors?

Tyler Cameron reveals where friendship stands with Matt James

Eagle-eyed Bachelor Nation fans noted that Tyler Cameron and Matt James don’t seem to cross paths anymore. Is their friendship over?

According to Tyler Cameron, the bromance is still on, but has cooled off a bit. Why?

The Bachelorette runner-up chalked it up to simply having busy schedules.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s just Matt is busy; I’m busy, you know,” Tyler told E! News.

He also pointed out that drifting apart is just part of growing up and focusing on your own life.

Are you surprised that Matt James and Tyler Cameron aren’t as close as they used to be? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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