Scheana Shay Inviting ‘Pump Rules’ Cast To Cancun Wedding?

Scheana Shay Inviting 'Pump Rules' Cast To Cancun Wedding? [Bravo | YouTube]

Scheana Shay opened up about whether she’s inviting the Vanderpump Rules cast to her Cancun wedding. Scheana and Brock ended up choosing Mexico as the backdrop for their destination wedding. They initially had their sights set on Bali, as it’s where they made many memories there. But, they had to choose something that was closer to home.

The couple finally has a date set for their wedding. They’re getting married next month. After Stassi Schroeder’s wedding guest list caused so much drama, Scheana learned her lesson. But, she also says “never say never” when it comes to disinviting someone.

Scheana Shay's Wedding Plans With Brock Davies [WWHL | YouTube]
[WWHL | YouTube]

Scheana Shay shares an update about her wedding

Scheana Shay and her fiance Brock Davies are ready to tie the knot in Cancun, Mexico. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Scheana confirmed that their wedding will take place next month. Their daughter Summer Moon will serve as the flower girl.

Brock joked that their little one is already “a flower girl in training.” The couple has everything ready for their big day. They purchased the basket and petals on Amazon. Scheana and Brock taught her how to throw the petals.

Summer gets so excited about throwing them, that Brock says she has “to dial it in.” They’re doing regular “sessions every day” to keep her momentum going. Scheana also explained the details of her wedding dress.

Scheana Shay Talks VPR Cast [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
“I have one long dress, and then the second one is shorter because our afterparty’s in a cenote,” Scheana Shay explained to Us Weekly.

A cenote is a sinkhole, which is common along Mexico’s Yucat√°n Peninsula. While most brides want short reception dresses for dancing, Scheana Shay has to have one for their outdoor wedding. It’s a must since it’s taking place along the water. She doesn’t want to mess up her first dress.

Extending an invite to the Vanderpump Rules cast?

Scheana Shay revealed whether she’s extending an invite to the VPR cast. She learned from Stassi’s wedding guest list drama, which is ongoing. Scheana said that she plans to invite the entire cast. However, “never say never” since drama could go down during Season 10 filming.

“We’ll see how the next week goes,” Scheana Shay told Us Weekly. “There’s always drama.”

There’s also been drama behind the scenes. Scheana tried to stage a “podcast intervention” between Stassi and Brittany Cartwright. Stassi revealed that she cut Brittany and Jax Taylor from her friend group after they ditched her wedding. Yet, SUR manager Peter Madrigal says Stassi is the one who disinvited them.

Stassi Schroeder's Wedding Guest List Drama [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
Unfortunately, it “backfired on us.” Brittany wanted to do whatever it took to put their differences aside. She even said that she sent Stassi money to cover the costs of her and Jax’s plates after they pulled out of their wedding at the last minute. But, Stassi returned the funds.

“Stassi sent the money back. … Brittany had paid for the plates because she couldn’t make it,” Scheana Shay explained. “And said on the ‘Scheananigans podcast’ that the plates were ‘expensive.'”

For now, she’s focused on her wedding. What are your thoughts on Scheana Shay’s wedding to Brock? Do you think the cast will attend? Sound off below in the comment section.

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