‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Kristy Deems Paternity Test Slap To Her Daughter


I Love A Mama’s Boy viewers have had a hard time with newcomers Nancy and Robert. She is convinced that her son’s daughter, Kimberly is not his. Therefore, she has suggested he get a paternity test. Now, his wife Kristy is really starting to contemplate this notion and it is hitting her in a different way.

Robert Lets His Mother Win On I Love A Mama’s Boy

From the beginning, Nancy never liked her son, Robert’s wife, Kristy. The two met at the gym, started dating, and then Kristy got pregnant. This led them to decide to elope but Nancy was under the impression that Kristy was just trying to trap Robert. However, that was not the case whatsoever. Unfortunately, Nancy did not see it that way and also resented the fact that she was not there for the wedding. The couple ended up having two kids but Nancy questioned their daughter, Kimberly.

Nancy, Robert

She believed she did not look anything like Robert therefore it is Nancy’s belief that the little girl is not Robert’s. Nancy has brought up the idea of a paternity test to her son at the most inopportune time. He could not hide it from Kristy anymore so he took her on a date to tell her about the paternity test. She was blown away that Nancy would even think something so absurd and that he would even begin to buy into it. Kristy felt betrayed and started to question their marriage and if it could survive. Now, she is struggling for the sake of her children.

Hurting The Children

In a clip from TLC for this week’s episode, Kristy and Robert are talking about the paternity test. She still cannot believe that he is letting Nancy control his mind and his thoughts. What she has done is extremely wrong and pushing the limits. Yet, what Kristy is really offended by is what Nancy is doing to her own grandchild. She wants to know if Nancy is even considering Kimberly’s thoughts and feelings. Kristy feels that Nancy should not be involved in her daughter’s life. Her two daughters are not even equal anymore.

Robert. Kristy

Robert claims that it was just a suggestion but Kristy knows that he is actually proposing they go through with the test. He should have shut his mom down immediately and did not. Therein lies the problem but it still won’t register to Robert why this is such a big deal. Kristy is at the point where she just wants to make Nancy feel and look stupid. Will she actually go through with it and should she even have to?

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Amanda Lauren

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  1. I watch all the episodes for this show.

    I am very curious if these mothers are for real.

    If they are, I am baffled the wives ever got mixed up with these guys.

    I am crushed for Christy and both her children.

    Nancy is the meanest and nastiest of all these mothers.

    I wish Christy would take her kids and run as fast as her trotters will carry her.

    Robert is useless.


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