Pumpkin Broke, Pleads For Fans To Send Hubby Josh Bday Money

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Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird has been struggling, trying to support her whole family. At the end of May, she added two new members to her already big family. Now, she is catching heat for asking for help from fans on her husband Josh’s big day.

Pumpkin Takes On Too Much

She was just a teenager when she became a parent. Admittedly, Pumpkin did not want to be a teen mother but that was how the cookie crumbled. She welcomed her first child, daughter Ella at just seventeen. The following year, she married her boyfriend, Josh Efird in a Las Vegas ceremony in front of family and friends. Yet her life was about to get much more complicated. Her mother, Mama June Shannon had started dating Geno Doak, initially not a really bad guy. Unfortunately, the two went down a bad path, leading to them getting arrested and entering rehab.


Therefore, June’s youngest daughter Alana Thompson needed a stable home. So, in 2019, Pumpkin stepped up and took her little sister into her home. Their older sister, Jessica followed and started crashing with Pumpkin and Josh after June pawned the title to her car. She had no place to go so she helped with Ella and stuff around the home. Ultimately, in the summer of 2021, Pumpkin welcomed her second baby, a boy named Bentley.


Though June acted like she was going to be proactive in her kids’ lives, she proved otherwise. She went off and spent 50K on a man she barely knew and brought back a new guy, Justin Stroud. It made Pumpkin decide it was time to file for sole custody of Alana but she was also hiding a secret. She was pregnant again. In May of 2022, she welcomed twins, and though she gained custody of Alana, the child support she received was not enough. Pumpkin has been left to struggle.

Begging For Cash?

Financially, Pumpkin has been struggling. In this week’s season finale of Road to Redemption, June claims she cannot pay higher child support. This blows her family away after the way she frivolously throws away money. They settle on $800/month but it recently came out that Pumpkin needed groceries. June told her to go on TikTok and make some money. Now, the family, minus June is allegedly in talks for their own show. Furthermore, they have been doing meet and greets, the last one was in California and one in Georgia next month.


It appears to not be enough, according to The Sun. Pumpkin’s husband, Josh’s birthday was on Wednesday so she decided to share a photo of his CashApp on her Instagram. “Today’s @official_josh_efird birthday. For the ones who’ve asked to send him stuff. Here’s his cash app.” Fans were livid about this with one person commenting: “This begging needs to stop. We all have issues. This is going too far. I am in shock.!!!”


Someone else chimed in with this: “It is disgusting how they all are on TT lives like they live on it constantly asking for money. They don’t even make content. Just demand gifts. So gross.” Pumpkin was deemed “tacky” and “gross” while others said they had lost respect for the mother of four. At this point, the begging for cash pushed followers and fans over the edge. Prior to this, Pumpkin had been pushing herself on Cameo where she charges $60.

It’s hard to gauge how Pumpkin can begin to gain the lost respect back. Let us know your thoughts and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Friday on WeTV.

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  1. I was under the assumption that they all get a salary for working on the show so I don’t understand why there broke.I don’t think pumpkins begging for money she might of thought “hey if you want to give him a gift here’s his cash app 🖐️🗽🤔💖

  2. First of all, she’s raising FIVE kids and taking care of her sister. Money only goes so far. Maybe they’re (had) bought a bigger house for everyone. I would think they need to and that right there will strap you for cash quick.

    Second, she said, “For the ones who’ve asked to send him stuff…” I took that to mean she’s giving people who want to send a gift a chance to do just that. I didn’t take that as blindly asking for money.

    They seem pretty frugal, but, like I said, money only goes so far when you’ve got a household of seven. I think they’re doing an awesome, bang-up job given their circumstances, and I have no problem with them posting his cash app. I wish them all the best.

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