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‘MAFS’ Season 15 Couple Knew Each Other Before Show

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MAFS Season 15 is currently airing on Lifetime and spoilers are coming out about upcoming episodes. A big one that emerged is that one of the five couples actually met before their wedding day. Who is it? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

MAFS spoilers indicate one couple knew each other already

It turns out one MAFS couple actually met prior to their wedding day. Who is it and how in the world did that happen? MAFSfan on Instagram had the scoop and shared the spoiler with followers.

As it turns out, Alexis and Justin had actually met via a dating app before the show. How crazy would it be to know one met their spouse they supposedly had never seen before four months before their ceremony?

Married at First Sight
Married at First Sight

Reportedly, Alexis and Justin met on Hinge just four months before their Married at First Sight wedding. To make things even worse, Alexis swiped left. So, how will their relationship work out since she didn’t really care to date him on the app? Time will tell.

MAFS Spoilers Season 15 Couple via Instagram

However, their wedding pics and reception looked like they were having a good time at their wedding. One couldn’t tell from their wedding day that Alexis had really seen him before. A photo from their reception shows Justin playfully looking at his new bride.

MAFS Season 15 couple via INstagram

His feelings for her

Justin has said that for him it was really like love at first sight. He said their kiss was “magical.” Justin is seemingly giving it his all. He even told Alexis he will fall in love with her. However, on an Afterparty episode, Alexis said this is a red flag for her. As a former mental health counselor, she doesn’t see how he could have feelings for her yet. She said they are still strangers.

Alexis may be a bit skeptical of Justin’s feelings for her but she did admit she is very happy.

Right now, nobody knows if these two can make it work. The experts obviously think these two could be amazing together. Plus, the dating app also matched them up.

So, now it’s a matter of them figuring out if they are truly compatible in life and not just on paper.

What do you think? Will Justin and Alexis stay married on MAFS? Is he being too pushy?

Stay tuned for all the latest updates and spoilers on Season 15 San Diego.

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