Jill Dillard Finally Free, Lockdown Lifted

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Jill Duggar Dillard took to Instagram today after six weeks of silence to announce she was finally free after her lockdown was lifted. A quick scroll through her profile reveals it was six weeks ago that she last posted on her Instagram. She shared a photo with her baby bump poking out from the bottom of the photo and an open washer filled with baby clothes. In the caption, she noted she was experiencing all sorts of feelings as she prepared to welcome her baby boy into the world.

Six weeks went by and Jill Dillard ghosted her 1.7 million Instagram followers. Knowing the birth of her baby boy was roughly a month away from her laundry post, fans assume she dropped off Instagram to welcome her baby boy into the world.

Jill Dillard Instagram

As TvShowsAce reported on July 11th, fans got confirmation that Jill and her husband Derick Dillard welcomed their beautiful baby boy into the world. They named him “Freddy” Frederick Michael Dillard. Fans later learned he was born on July 7th at 5:16 p.m. weighing 7lbs. 6oz. and 20 inches long.

Now, Jill and her husband Derick shared the details of Freddy’s birth on their blog. But, Jill still hadn’t posted on her Instagram profile. More time passed. What was going on?

Jill Dillard Instagram
Jill Dillard Instagram

Instagram absence explained, Jill Dillard freed from lockdown

Less than an hour ago, Jill Dillard treated fans to a brand new picture of “Freddy” Frederick Michael. With it came the explanation fans were hoping for. The reason why it had been six weeks since the last time she posted anything on Instagram.

She penned in her caption as she explained what happened: “Hey! We are finally back on Instagram after being locked down & unable to post for awhile!!”

Jill Dillard - Instagram
Jill Dillard – Instagram

For her Instagram followers that don’t also follow headlines or her blog, this was the first mention of her baby boy on her profile. So, she took the time to jot down all of the details about her beautiful little bundle of joy. This included explaining what his name meant and where it came from.

The name Frederick also holds special meaning for us since it’s Derick’s name with ‘Fre’ added to the front, to make ‘Fre-derick.’  Similarly, Derick’s name is a variation of his late dad’s name, Rick, that his parents created by adding ‘de’ to the front of Rick to spell, ‘de’-‘rick,’ literally meaning son ‘of’ (de) Rick.  We were excited to settle on the name Frederick and incorporate both Derick’s and his dad’s name, by just adding ‘Fre’ to the beginning of Derick’s name.”

She also explained: “Frederick means ‘Peaceful Ruler’ and Michael means ‘Gift from God.'”

Jill Dillard Instagram
Jill Dillard Instagram

Duggar fans were thrilled to see her

Sadly, there wasn’t much of an explanation as to why Instagram put her on lockdown. Her followers, however, were thrilled that she returned. And, they absolutely loved getting to see this precious picture of her baby boy!

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